Monday, 7 May 2012

Hollande said he was proud to be the president of "la France de la diversité et de l'unité". As these pictures show, "diverse" France - the France that isn't France - was quick to celebrate his victory.



Anonymous said...

The French People (the real French People that is which does not include non Whites) obviously have not studied the adverse effects of degenerate liberalism at least those who voted Socialist. Whites who vote for liberals because they support labor unions are simply voting to have themselves replaced with non Whites or in other words getting exactly the opposite of what they were trying to achieve. Liberals don't think at least not very well.

Anonymous said...

Or the liberals wants to destroy society to rebuild a liberal "utopia" on the ruins of society, just like the socialist, the marxist and the muslim all want to do.

But having talked to many liberals I'd say they're just retards.



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