Monday, 30 April 2012

Let's say there was no Jihad, no mental wall separating Muslims from the rest of the human race, inspiring eternal conflict around itself. Let's also pretend there were no honour killings, no burkas, no sharia courts, no terrorism, no Us and Them mentality, no vote fraud, no halal, no extra-territorial loyalties. Now let's add a few more brushstrokes to this pleasant fantasy. Let's pretend that the crime levels, employment levels and average education attainment of third-world immigrants were exactly the same as those of the indigenous population. Now, in this fictional world, let's go even further and say that the basic evolutionary principle of inclusive fitness did not exist. This is what leads us to favour the interests of those who share our genes, creating the bond of empathy that makes a nation a nation. With all of these changes, there would be only one area in which a significant difference remained between indigenous Europeans and third-world incomers who are colonising their countries: voting patterns.

That sole difference on its own would be sufficient grounds for opposing third-world immigration completely.

In Britain, a campaign is underway to get the Conservative (sic) party to fawn upon ethnic voters even more obsequiously than it does now. Lord Ashcroft is pushing this with a study he commissioned recently, the results of which confirm what we already knew, namely that non-Europeans massively favour left-wing parties.

But I don't think anyone has yet commented on the most significant finding in the study. Look at the graphic above. The various ethnic/religious factions are asked which party they feel most consistently represents them. Add up the scores for the different parties and factions and what do you find? It is white people and Christians who have the lowest scores. They are the ones who feel most unrepresented of all even though they still constitute the overwhelming majority of voters!

Only 42% of whites felt that any of the main three political parties consistently represented them. This compared to 43% of mixed-race people, 54% of Asians and 61% of blacks!

Only 49% of Christians felt that any of the three establishment parties consistently represented them, compared to 49% of Hindus, 56% of Muslims and
58% of Sikhs.

And the lesson Lord Ashcroft draws from this is that the Conservative Party should pander to ethnic minorities even more, leaving indigenous Europeans to feel even more alienated!

The fact that non-European incomers vote in significantly different ways to the indigenous population is a profoundly destabilising factor in our societies. It is altering the political complexion of our countries. Democracy depends on willingness to tolerate governmental policies you may passionately disagree with being administered by parties you didn't vote for. That forbearance - which I call the Covenant of Civil Peace - hangs by the thinnest of threads. People are often made furiously angry by what governments they didn't vote for do. Their willingness to accept the verdict of the polls nonetheless depends on a sense that the result was fairly come by. When, instead, they have the feeling that their voice wasn't properly represented because hate speech laws criminalise the mere expression of their opinions; when they feel that ethnic vote fraud is significantly altering the outcome of elections (and even Baroness Warsi claimed "Asian" vote fraud had cheated the Conservatives out of an absolute majority at the last election); when they feel that newly-arrived aliens are altering the political balance by block-voting for parties that favour their interests by offering more benefits and fewer immigration restrictions; when all of that happens, the Covenant of Civil Peace is going to be sorely tested; the thread of forbearance is going to snap, as it did with Breivik. More and more, Europeans will have the feeling that their democracy has become an ethnic spoils system and is therefore illegitimate. Once enough people feel that the system is illegitimate, we will back in the pre-democratic era, when people resolved their differences by fighting rather than talking.

Sources: Telegraph, Ashcroft report: Degrees of Separation


Anonymous said...

"More and more, Europeans will have the feeling that their democracy has become an ethnic spoils system and is therefore illegitimate."
That is already the case in many parts of the U.S. where "ethnic" voters increasingly vote to loot the wealth created by whites, and whites are considered "racist" for objecting to it.

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