Tuesday, 27 March 2012

For much of this year, Vienna has been obsessed with a prolific arsonist known as the FeuerTeufel (Fire Devil). Now the indications are that this Fire Devil is in fact two Fire Devils - and they are Turks.

The Turkish Fire Devils were spotted by several people on their last escapade: setting fire to the laying-in hall next to the cemetery in Josefstadt. All the eye-witnesses agree that the perpetrators were Turks. A photofit of the two fire-raisers is expected. Hopefully, it will not have Swedish-style pixellation.

One of the arsonists' previous targets was Neustadt Cathedral, shown burning in the images.

From the choice of a cemetery and a cathedral, it is reasonable to conclude that these Turks had jihad-style, anti-infidel motivations.

Another of their targets - one that they set fire to an astonishing eight times - is known as the WBO Siedlung. As far as I can tell, this is just a housing estate with some blocks of flats on it, containing 1000 residents in total. I'm not sure why the Turkish fire devils would single it out for such special attention. Perhaps it's one of the few remaining indigenous enclaves in the increasingly islamised Vienna? Could the arson campaign be like the burglary campaign in Copenhagen, where the Muslims were trying to drive out the last remaining non-Muslims?

Sources: SOS Heimat, OE24

Here's what the cathedral looked like before the Muslims came:


Anonymous said...

Time to light up a few mosques.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, time it is!!

Anonymous said...

It's time these pests are expelled from Europe.What are you waiting for europeans? The extinction of your race? Fight and remove the vermin while you still breathe before it's too late!

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