Monday, 26 March 2012
Cultural enrichment with exotic weapon:

Translated from Swedish by Nicolai Sennels, March 16th 2012 "Female teacher stabbed with machete by immigrant". The article is based on media reports and the Swedish police's report.

PICTURE ABOVE: The victims blood on the white snow.

"Sundsvall, Sweden. A teacher in Sundsvall was brutally stabbed by a Moroccan in a parking lot. The woman greeted briefly on the maniac whom she did not know, and then he attacked her with a machete. The woman is seriously injured in her legs and face and is hospitalized. One eye is said to be destroyed. Soon after the man hijacked a bus with students, and stabbed their dog. The man was arrested later that same day. ... Witnesses said that the maniac with machete dealt several blows to the woman's face and to her body. ... The dog unfortunately died later at the vet. The man was Moroccan and had the Muslim name Redouan El Ouali Alami Hansen."

PICTURE ABOVE: The attacker getting caught by the police.


Anonymous said...

Swedish police are kind to even machette wielding killers.

Anonymous said...

This is a bullshit sajt go fuck u self

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