Thursday, 15 March 2012
In Denmark we call Sweden Absurdistan. Examples of pink-pixelation and skin-colour camuflaging criminals in Sweden:

The killer and rapper David Jassy:

Not pixelated:

Swedish pixelation of David Jassy:

Left: Police wanted poster / Right: Reality:

Has anyone seen this man...:

H/T Bringitup


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous, those traitors destroying Europe, "faking" pictures. Stand up europeans, from Stockolm to Rome, from Lisbon to Moscow, Europe for europeans!

Anonymous said...

Im a proud Swedish man who has seen my government lie to its people. The media is owned by the left communism side and the only thing they consentrate on is to manupilate the reality for its own benefits. They indoctrinate our children to "vote right" and is putting immigrants in front row to jobs by given them economy benefits and pays half their sailery with money from taxpayers. Our elders are spit on. Our children gets robbed and our women gets raped, because its ok in some cultures. They tell us that the one party whos against multiculture and mass immigrations, dosnt want "ANY non-swedish" in this country. That is not true. They say that if you say something negative about the swedish migrationpolicys, you are a racist and afraid of foreign people "främlingsfientliga" in swedish. This has to stop. In some time, we in sweden will rise and stand tall for our beliefs. Our beiliefs in a modern society. A good and healty view of our womens. A state that is worth living for. Its every mans choice to come along or not come along. Sorry for bad english, in all its misery, "Swedish" is my language. Here in Sweden we are told that NOTHING is Swedish. Including our language. We look at eachother with strange feelings when someone listening to our national anthem. This #¤#%& has to go like Jacque Fresco whould have said.

Anonymous said...

I'm a normal, but patriotic swede. Just waiting for a patriotic call to come.
Because for the moment, you are a traitor and an evil person if you don't like our migration policy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sweden will meet a dark future ahead. Thats why i planning on moving from this country..
Maybe Denmark will be better..

Anonymous said...

Last chance to stop this legally, since decades undergoing antidemocratic lunacy with media's and politician's lies to the peope in order to avoid the the truth and hide political dangerous mistakes about muslims and islam, is by the 2014 upcoming elections. May unknown forces be with the people of Sweden...

Slasher said...

The Swedish people are betrayed by our media and politicians. All government media, independent media, local och national institutions are infiltrated by extreme left politics people that guard each others backs. It has been going on for many decades and the Swedes people have all been sleeping and voting like they always have done.
Our only hope is independent internet media now.
It is really Absurdistan.


Anonymous said...

Our politicians import immigrants from countries that has the lowest literacy in the world - people who's only experience is in the field of medieval agriculture such as goat sheparding. They accept people trying to scam themselves into this country as an "ensamkommande flyktingbarn" (lone-coming refugee child) - mostly Afghans who've paid several thousand USD to trafficers in order to get to europe. These "children" lie themselves into this country, and we don't even do any x-ray tests on their skeletons - OR other tests - to confirm if they are children or not. They are blindly accepted, almost all of them. 90% of all immigrants coming here doesn't even have papers - they toss away their passport at the airport. By traffickers, Sweden is known as an "easy country" to get into - so easy that they often recommend their customers to go here. While here, these mostly-muslim immigrants refuse to assimilate themselves into our country. They want their sharia bullshit (halal -meat, child-marriages, honor-killings, and so on). Hell, even my iranian friend (she fled the Iranian islamic revolution btw) thinks this country is absurd. Even SHE votes for what the leftist media calls "right-wing extremist party" SD - Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden democrats). The governmnet, and the leftist media is doing EVERYTHING they can to try and hide away the truth. For one, any type of criticism against the current immigration policy is frowned upon and called "rasism". Second: media does everything it can to hide away the fact that most violent crime is commited by immigrants from MENA. They do this by white-pixling suspects, giving vague "leads" (even shrowding the information the POLICE gives us about suspects), favorizing leftist-bloggers and journalists in their newspapers. What scares me the most is not all of these things that are going on around me. What scares me is that SO FEW care. Politicians doesn't care (7/8 of our parties doesn't), media doesn't care, even the people doesn't care - they keep on voting on social democrats or moderates. In a way it's a bit like the USA: you have two parties and that's it. In sweden you have two "blocks" and that's it: left and right. And both of them are so incredible politically correct that we should get a goldmedal in PC:ness. I'm sick and tired of this - I'm leaving this sinking vessel. Me and my brazilian girlfriend are moving to Amsterdam shortly. We've both been offered jobs there so GOOD BYE SWEDEN.

Anonymous said...

Screw all you white people. We are taking over and there is nothing you can do about it now.

Anonymous said...

The third picture is not a police wanted poster. It's a facsimile from Sweden's largest tabloid, "Aftonbladet" (socialist).

Descriptions from the Swedish police are generally/often uncensored (though the police have of course gotten quite some heat from the PC camp for describing the ethnicity of perps, even when it's only over the police radio). It's media that have taken it upon themselves to "adjust" the information from the police before they pass it on to us readers and viewers, in order to prevent the sheeple from becoming "intolerant".

I wonder how outraged the media would be (and rightly so) if someone would "black-pixellate" the mugshot of a white perp... Lies are only OK when they're meant to promote Tolerance, or something.

Anonymous said...

Europe has suffered population declines in the past but, given time, has always bounced back.

The White Race is being replace to facilitate 'globalization' or what I call profits before people.

Today, the globalists don't want White populations to recover; they want steady profits. The United Nations calls this "Replacement Migration".

Anonymous said...

Your goverment, like many goverments, wants stupid, easily-led people for the countrys population. This they get by bringing in immigrants with low I.Q.s & you the citizens get to pay for it. Im here in America now, because Sweden is a lost cause. The people dont want to fight back, and those who do are branded 'racist' and the goverment punishs them.

Anonymous said...

I am from Bulgaria and even eu citizenship I have no intention to go in other country, but because of hard life in Bulgaria some go in and it is good that Sweden received these people humanly. I will tray to explain some thing about islam that we know from ancestors living 4-5 century under ottoman rule when many people ware seduced from spread of islam or fell victim of this political ideology - because islam in many aspect is a political ideology:

1. From my father I know that Islam is "easy" religion without the high internal aspirations, but with grate political ambition and ignoring the most important rule in the world "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"- - the turks seduced people to accept islam with tax oppression, with present if is some handsome and prominent men, there was many martyrs . To stay in power was with open violence as devshirme(blood tax) enslavement, when they took some cities. According to islam Mohammed is best example for the muslims and he was skilful politician in mixting open violence with seduction. - so it is normal as being "easy" religion to search fo "easy country" in VIII century was Spain, in XV east Roman Constaninople. By the way Byzans is late invented name,even until XX century when go to reap hired for earlier harvest south of Balkan people said that are going "na rumania"

2. Wnen thay are out of control of what is muslim society many people get out of islam, because they as honest person fill that in islam have something immoral and even innormal.

3. As explaned one teacher on arabian language -we have many common broverb with turks, but "Skromnostta krasi choveka - The modesty is a decoretion for a man" for islamic view sound "The modesty is a decoretion for the fool" It is very important to understand to islam mentality, in some occasion east people think that moderate, tolerant behavior is sign of weakness, this is also reason for constant bragging from muslims - how they will spread, what will conquer etcetera, this is aggressive way of acting, but a man must not be scared. God may help. After ottoman conquest my kinship leaved planes and go to mountains to live in poverty, and turks populeted fertilous land with enslaved people from Ukranian and Central Europe up to Vienna, (thats reason why the turks from some village in North Bulagria was blonder that christian), but when a all see hopeless several epidemys depopulated the part of plane and the christian population came back from mountains. So the islam is grand tеmptation but actually as contain is nothing - just one empty devils game, do not to be scared or seduced. Sorry for my english - y digo lo que yo siento. Adios.



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