Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Aftermath of mosque attack (in French)

The imam was killed trying to put out the flames. All the indications are that the perpetrator was another Muslim. He made anti-Shia remarks while smashing things up inside the mosque with an axe, before setting it on fire. He's been arrested. It's very interesting that the Guardian account here gives no indication that the perp was a Muslim.

Here's a good example of how the standard political correctness of our journalistic class and police could potentially be fatal. As one of the most islamified cities in Europe, Brussels is a powderkeg. It's very easy to imagine how Muslims could go rioting and burning tonight if they believed this was an "islamophobic" attack. They're less likely to react that way if they know it's another Muslim. But, following their politically correct rules, the journalists and police won't give them that information.

Source: Le Soir


Anonymous said...

Quote:But, following their politically correct rules, the journalists and police won't give them that information.

I believe its an EU directive.

Maria José said...

Belgian media reported that the suspect shouted something about Syria during the attack (in Syria, the Shia Alawite minority government of President Bashar al-Assad has waged a brutal crackdown against the country’s Sunni Muslim majority).

Azzedine Laghmich, an official at the mosque, told Agence France Presse (AFP) the suspect is a Salafist, an extremist form of fundamentalist Islam that often espouses a hatred of Shia Islam.

Isabelle Praile, a prominent figure in Belgium’s Muslim community, said the Rida mosque had been threatened by Salafists before.

The overwhelming majority of Belgian Muslims follow Sunni Islam.


Anonymous said...

islam is peace, Allah create earth and heaven. Make day and night. create every single human. Create croops, meal, rice, and all things that we eat. Allah is real god, he create hereafter life. Every single person will died. This world is not a place of leaving, but the place of living

Anonymous said...

sorry ^__^, this world isn't place of living, but the place of leaving.

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