Thursday, 15 March 2012

An Algerian Mohammedan drove his car into eight police motorcyclists outside the royal palace at Laeken in Brussels. None of the policemen were killed, though three were seriously hurt. One was in a critical condition for a while but is now said to have improved. The police motorcyclists had been lined up close to one another to provide an escort to the Nigerian and Qatari ambassadors, who were presenting their credentials to the Belgian king.

When arrested, Hamid, the Muslim perpetrator, said he had intended to commit suicide and had wanted to meet the Belgian King. An Algerian but a resident of Antwerp, he had been in trouble with the law before but never imprisoned. The Belgian authorities claim he was upset over immigration issues but it has also been disclosed that his residence permit was in order. What else could his motivation have been? I wonder.

Source: DHnet


Anonymous said...

So he wanted to meet allah, as well as the king of Belgium - and both at the same time.

Now I wonder what brought on such an outburst of social activity?

Anonymous said...

A sad failed faith. They believe the next life will be better, cannot wait for them to go. How about a mass suicide? I would subscribe.Every Muslim country is a failure, is there one that is a model for the civilised world?

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