Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's often occurred to me that the real reason the Muslim invasion of Europe is being allowed to continue is that most people still don't know about it. Even if they suspect that Islam is not quite the religion of peace the politicians keep telling us about, they still have no real grasp of the full magnitude of the horror we are facing. The reason is that the police and mass media conspire to tell politically correct lies, and therefore the only conduit for the truth, apart from the blogosphere, is personal experience. Only those on the front lines on the invasion have seen the horror face to face.

You hear a lot of deeply affecting anecdotes on places like newspaper comment threads but these ephemeral stories vanish and are forgotten. And who knows how reliable they were anyway? This is why I am always encouraging people to start blogs, take photos, make videos. If only those on the front lines could share enough of their personal experiences, the rest of us might be inspired to wake up and do something about it.

So I was pleased to see this book appear recently: the Islamic Republic of Dewsbury. Last year I made a post called "Mourn for Dewsbury" which was really just a collection of news snippets picked up on a random visit to a local newspaper's web page. Even at a glance, it was obvious the town had been devastated by Muslim colonisation. And here comes further proof of it. Perhaps the author read my post because this book reads like an obituary of a once thriving British town that has been turned into a desolate Muslim colony.
This is a different town in every way you can describe it, from the one I was born and grew up in. No aspect of life remains untouched by Islam, not our schools, not our health service. There are more mosques than pubs, let alone churches. Indeed many of our old pubs and working men’s clubs are mosques.

The criminal landscape revolves around the drug industry rooted by supply in their communities, but touching, too often fatally, every street in ours. It’s a troubling blight on young Asian people’s parents and mullahs and imams every bit as much as it is on the parents of our addicts and orphans. It just isn’t publicly acknowledged by either.

The streets in many parts of town are not safe to walk, be that the threat of sexual harassment for young women (increasingly from the ‘new’ migrants of eastern Europe and the middle east) or random, casual violence on mostly young men by other young men. That’s a fact, no matter the police pretence otherwise. Neither does our political landscape bear much resemblance to a democratic system that people outside this ethnic morass would recognise. Electoral fraud and voter intimidation are an annual accomplice of polling day in these parts.

Meanwhile in everyday, workaday Dewsbury, the ‘nice’ shops have gone. When Marks & Spencer called it a day, you could almost have hung up the ‘Closed For Business’ sign. Now it’s a ‘poundtown’ of discount and charity shops, of shabby takeaways and boarded up frontages, of those drunken east European immigrants slumped against town centre walls, or care-in-the-community foul-mouths screaming at each other across car parks and out of state-funded apartment windows.

A few good people, a few organisations continue to fight the good fight, to hang on to some of the traditions which once punctuated Dewsbury life. People like The Collegians am-dram group, putting on their annual panto, despite the Council banning local groups from displaying banners on the town hall to advertise their efforts, or selling their own bags of sweets to kiddies – health and safety, don’t you know. The market traders persist with their ‘Dewsbury on Sea’ summer festival and Santa’s grotto, despite the PC brigade’s ongoing efforts to remove the ‘Christ’ from Christmas for fear of giving offence.

All those anecdotes and rumours you hear about are validated in this book: the police and media cover-up of Muslim attacks on non-Muslims; the habits of appeasement among the political class; the entrenchment in power of the race relations mandarinate; the flourishing Muslim criminality that seems to be immune to police enforcement. The stories of systematic attempts to drive out indigeneous inhabitants are fleshed out here. And, hovering over it all, the career-killing threat of playing the race card if someone chooses to make a fuss.

Although not particularly well written - the author is hardly a master craftsman of prose and stream-of-consciousness seems to substitute for structure - the book is still a compelling read. Here is the wealth of personal experience and anecdote we've been waiting so long for someone to write down. Here we see a detailed description of the slow corrosion of a civilised society by the insidious presence of Islam. All in all, this is the best ground-level view of the effects of Muslim immigration yet to have appeared in print.

The author, Danny Lockwood, is local journalist who runs his own free newspaper. You can buy the book here (although the print run has supposedly run out) or get the Kindle version (as I did) from Amazon at about half the price of the paper version. Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

"Labor immigrants"

People from Spain, Portugal and the rest of Southern Europe are told by Norwegian Labor Minister today, to make sure to have a job before they go to Norway.

And for the "work immigrants from Somalia", and other muslim third world countries, what is the message to them..?

Anonymous said...

'And for the "work immigrants from Somalia", and other muslim third world countries, what is the message to them..?'

The message is "Come on over, the benefits are good, they'll give you a house, pay you to have more children, put our prayer rooms in every public building, and the locals are too soft to say no."

Anonymous said...

some of these families are in receipt of 46k a year on benefits housing child tax credits etc etc. That is until the cap comes and they will reduce to 26k a year. see them run then. Enough is enough we are the being used as the teat of europe being milked dry. close the borders and stop them now!!

Asim Quddus Warsi said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

freedom doesn't mean happines ....

Anonymous said...

europe is the real racis. 300-500 years ago europe are murder, thief, robber ....
lot of third world country being victims of europe expansion...

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