Friday, 16 March 2012

When I read about this story yesterday, I though it might be a jihad attack. That's still not ruled out. But a look at the names of the dead soldiers raises the intriguing possibility that it might be a Counterjihad attack. All three of the dead soldiers, in the two separate attacks, have Muslim-sounding names, though French authorities are still refusing to make a connection between the two attacks.

Here's a description of the first attack last Sunday:
On Sunday in a suburb of Toulouse, 46km south of Montauban, an off-duty member of another regiment was shot in the head at point blank range by a gunman on a scooter. Imad Ibn-Ziaten, 30, a marshall in the 1st Parachute Regiment, was standing next to his Suzuki 650cc motorbike outside a gym and had been wearing his helmet at the time; he was not in uniform.
Source: Guardian

Le Monde gives the names of the soldiers killed yesterday as Mohamed Legouad and Abel Chenoulf, both Mohammedan names. A third soldier, Loïc Lieber, was also shot yesterday but is still alive. His name does not sound Islamic so maybe there's nothing to this line of speculation. But if four French soldiers are shot at random and three of them just happen to be Muslims, that tells you something about the demographic conquest of France and the French military.

It is a dire portent for French that so many Muslims are serving in its military. Even other European countries that are being islamised have largely managed to preserved the indigenous character of their own military forces. That may prove to be crucial in the decades to come.

UPDATE: French authorities are now saying for certain that the bullets fired in the two incidents came from the same gun.

Loïc Lieber, the only victim from yesterday's shooting who is still alive, came from the Antilles in the West Indies. So it looks like all four victims are of non-European origin.

Some French special forces units are based in Montauban. As I mentioned in a comment below, special forces tend to feature people of European ancestry almost exclusively, even when the rest of the military has been "diversified". It would not surprise me if this shooter was from the French special forces, tipped over the edge like Breivik by having his nose rubbed in diversity. Eye-witnesses spoke of someone acting with great calm, reloading when his first cartridge ran out of bullets. Yesterday he fired three bursts from an automatic pistol, going for head-shots each time. There were other people present on the scene and he just ignored them. He even moved an old woman out of the way before firing. This was obviously someone used to handling weapons and being in stressful situations.


Anonymous said...

Some years ago I saw the team picture of the French football team. My immediate thought was this was a joke and probably it was an African =
team. Nope. It was the French football team.

When something is as seriously wrong as this, but the people are prevented to speak of this, because the rules and laws of PC prevent it, then nothing short of a bloody revolution will set matters right.

And thus we come to the present thread topic. If the French military is Islamised and Africanised, then there is little but a whimpering or bloody death for France.

However it is wrong to be defeatist. Let us hope that the French recover their faith in all things European and French, then they will recover their nation as well.

morad said...

Its because you don't know that people who live on french caribean islands are black: Thierry Henry, Lilian Thuram, Nicolas Anelka... You don't know that 150.000 muslim soldiers from Senegal, Morocco or Algerai are dead for France during second world war and 200.000 more during the first world war.monte Cassino, le chemin des dames... Some muslims fight with french army against them own brother during algeria war. It's not a counter jihad operation because these french muslim soldiers are not jihadist. They was 2 times in Afghanistan. They are many times more courageous than you... A fascist likke you kill them. There was a native french soldier with them. The hitman don't kill him, just the muslim. The message is clear: All muslim are dog, in french army too.
It's not muslim who invade usa but usa who invade muslim countries. It's not taliban or iraki who was in the planes 9/11...One day, chinese army is going to fuck you all Inchallah. "Tu vis par le glaive, tu meurs par le glaive".
A french muslim who like jimi hendrix, french carribean rum and white western pussy :-)

Maria José said...

As for the possible motives for the crimes, Foreign Minister Gallo, Alain Juppe, has ruled that the killings "cowardly" are related to the recent deployment of the regiment they belonged to victims in Afghanistan. A police official asked by Le Monde pointed to racism as a possible cause because it does not create a "coincidence" that the three victims are of North African origin and that the wounded coming from the West Indies.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Oho! So the wounded one was a negro. That means all the victims were alien brown people.

Even in militaries that are being third-worldised, special forces tend to remain almost exclusively European. Some French special forces are based in that area. It wouldn't surprise me if one of them had just had enough with the "diversity" invasion and decided to do something about it.

Maria José said...

Aggression / mosque Arras: a death

Anonymous said...

Morad. Why are you quoting the BIble when you said live by the sword, by the sword? Muslims don't believe in that. Many of your Muslim brothers would punish you for your lifestyle as music & drinking alcohol are considered evil. I consider jihad evil, but what do you think?

Anonymous said...

could have been muslims that hate traitors


Anonymous said...

As the last commenter said, its most likely a salafist hunting down secularized and integrated moslems.

Steve said...

Wouldn't the soldiers be considered "traitors" by the Mujahideen?

Anonymous said...

re: Morad and "white western pussy"
You racist or something?

Is hypocrisy only a european concept?

Anonymous said...

As for Muslims ,Carebians, and Asians in France, it doesnt matter if you are secular or fundamentalist. If you love France or loath it, White French people have nothing but contempt for you. Because you happen to have diffrent colour and faith.Simple as that. As we know, France has been a nation that is obssesed with race for centuries. Every French women is not happy how she looks, and wants to look like Nordic. That is why being blond means being successfull in France. But who cares? . Let all the French ppl dye their hair and be red necks ,let them adapt the Nazi flag. That is their problem. We must face the facts that your African parents made stupid mistake by siding with France against Hitler during second world war. Since Hitler hated French more than any other race, and he wanted to wipe out France of the map. You ! French imposters shattered his dream. What u got in return from France ?. Only death and destruction, From Algeria to Vietnam. And yet you are making the same mistake, sheding a blood and sweat for the same racist ,Stanic state, who used and abused your parents and grandparents. You have place to call home. Come back to Africa. If u built France, you can build your home countries too. I guarantee you, with out you France will be another Romania.

Anonymous said...

im guessing youre all white here.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing during your retarded racist rantings you might have missed that this actually WAS an islamic terrorist attack?
Probably kind of hard to notice through your victimist fantasy masturbation.

Fucking immigrants acting like they're colonialists settling a country, the only reason the majority of the native population of Europe let's you settle on it's territory is because they feel bad at how terrible your shithole home countries are, despite the huge ammount of infrastructure they built when they were exploiting your backwards asses.
Keep pushing, keep leeching all meaning from the word "racist", keep exploiting the undeserved sense of shame while ironically being massive racist twats yourselves. Like the muslim or african or other empires weren't just as greedy, violent and expansionist. We were just better at it.
I get the impression all you morons haven't read any history, Europe is still self-flagellating over WW2 and it's colonial past, give us half an excuse though and we'll explode your crappy ghettos and third world shitholes. What we did to the jews will seem like a joke, and best of all there will be absolutely no sense of shame to it. It will be pure survival. Enjoy your future.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the idea that post ww2 France was rebuilt by muslim immigrants is just what the extremely xenophobic extremists tell themselves as a justification for why there's now millions of them emmigrating in a diaspora from their civil-war torn country, i.e Algeria, because that's more glorious than saying they fled from shitty lives. The vast, vast majority of the soldiers from the Maghreb that signed up were pieds-noirs, aka colonists. The descendants of those muslims that emmigrated at that time are french through and through, they integrated as well as the armenian refugees. What percentage of the total workforce did muslims comprise, exactly? Do you even know?

Anonymous said...

No need for all this sh't .less leave happy and love eachother park all this away .no need

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