Tuesday, 27 March 2012
To prevent robberies many bank departments in certain areas are cashless - they do not handle large sums of cash and it says "cashless bank" on the door to discourage would-be bank robbers. Who robs a cashless bank and forgets to use his disquise? Idiot.

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, Ekstrabladet March 27th "Do you know this robber?":

The wanted bank robber

"Unmasked robber in colourful jacket robbed Nordea Bank in Copenhagen's North West

He did not do much to disquise himself or seem anonymous - the young man who Tuesday at 10:50 robbed Nordea Bank's department at Frederikssundsvej 31 (part of Nørrebrogade) in Copenhagen's North West.

He had brought a Spider Man mask with him into the bank but did not use it and left it in the bank.

'- We do not know why he did not disquise himself, now that he had brought the mask. But he never wore it and he left it in the bank. He walk to the cassier and slammed a plastic bag on the desk and demanded money. He did not threaten with a weapon but the lady at the desk was so scared that she stepped a few steps back, which made it possible for the young man to pick up the whole box with money. But since it is a 'cashless deparment' (bank department that does not handle cash) he only got a few coins and very few banknotes with him,' says Deputy Police Commissioner in the Robbery Section at Copenhagen Police, Thomas Dürr, to Ekstrabladet.

After the robbery the man fled on foot 100 meters down Vibevej.

'- A witness saw him walk towards a small red car with four doors - probably a Toyota - so he might have been driving that, but this is unsure,' says Thomas Dürr to ekstrabladet.

The robber is described as: Man, around 25 years old, 185 cm tall. He looks like an immigrant. He wore a jacket with checkered pattern in red, blue and black, and he wore grey/black working trousers and working shoes."


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