Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Part of the Muslim infiltration strategy for Europe is to pretend that the healthy immune reactions against Islam (called Islamophobia) are actually part of some broader, malignant trend.

For example, Muslim leaders like to make common cause with Jews against right-wing extremism. We saw this in Scotland last week when representatives of Scottish Jewish communities signed up to a petition organised by the Muslim Humza Yousaf (who associates with "Hamas terror commander" Mohammed Sawalha) calling for a proposed Scottish Defence League march to be banned. (Eventually, the SDL agreed to conduct only a static demonstration instead.)

Muslims also like to pretend that part of the immune reaction comes from "militant secularists" opposed to all religion.

In an historic visit to the Vatican, Baroness Warsi will express her “fear” about the marginalisation of religion throughout Britain and Europe, saying that faith needs “a seat at the table in public life”.

There is a smidgeon of truth in this. The stigmatisation of direct criticism of Islam has been so successful that many of those who would like to say something negative about it will instead couch their remarks in general terms so as to be "non-discriminating".

But only the most clueless of Christians would sign up to the Muslim bandwagon attempting to re-insert overt religiosity as a dominating feature of public life. It should come as no great surprise that Cristina Odone finds herself among this clueless few.

Finally, it's worthy of note that Baroness Punjab has decided to send her offspring to a Christian school. No doubt we're supposed to be grateful for that.


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