Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tolerate instead of ignoring

The US Embassy in Austria has been pushing multicult propaganda by holding a film contest on the theme of "Diversity and Tolerance". The prize-winning video is shown above: Tolerate instead of Ignoring.

The US ambassador in Vienna hands over the prize (an iPad) to the winners

Sources: SOS Heimat


Van Grungy said...

the slave rag did not come off

Anonymous said...

This whole multicultural melting pot idea that the USA has foisted on Europe post WWII, was a reasonably good idea, as long as Muslims were not in the melting pot. But now it has proved to be a complete disaster, leading to a civil war in Europe in the near future, and a slightly more distant one in the US.

The US is not really defending Muslims in Europe, just like defending Muslims by attacking Serbs in Yugoslavia. The US is I believe defending the concept of the "Melting pot", which has been its main social guiding principle since WWII. They cannot abandon it as that would be to admit that the US constitution is not applicable to all people. That would be to admit that a set of principles, no matter how universal they may appear to be, can have resonance only in those who created it, and have direct kinship to it.

To Muslims for instance, the Koran and sharia have greater claim on minds and hearts then the US constitution. As the Koran does not recognise a separation of religion and state, in fact is against it in principle, one sees immediately that we have laid a wrecking ball to our own house.

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