Sunday, 12 February 2012

This week has provided us with yet further evidence that there is no resistance to cultural Marxism left within mainstream politics. In Britain the nominally Conservative party threatened to impose quotas on business unless more women were promoted to top managerial positions.
Cameron said: "The drive for more women in business is not simply about equal opportunity, it's about effectiveness.

"It's about quality, not just equality. That's why one of the things we'll be discussing in Sweden is what other countries are doing to help women become entrepreneurs and take up leading positions in business.

"Women now make up nearly half the workforce across Europe and the majority of university degrees. But they are still not sufficiently represented at the senior boardroom level.

"The evidence is that there is a positive link between women in leadership and business performance, so if we fail to unlock the potential of women in the labour market, we're not only failing those individuals, we're failing our whole economy."
Source: Guardian

This is all part of the Diversity Macht Frei mantra that is driving the European genocide. The "business case for diversity" seems to be largely based on the work of the American researcher Cedric Herring. I'll make a more in-depth critique of this work in another post some time but it's worth noting in passing that even Herring acknowledged that "a corporate workforce's gender composition did not have a significant impact on a company's relative market share". So whatever the supposed evidence about diversity generally, there is no evidence that promoting more women to boardroom positions makes businesses more successful.

While Dave was in Stockholm learning about the "benefits of diversity", his Skills minister was preaching them in Britain.
Making sure that more people with disabilities or learning difficulties, and those from minorities, are able to benefit from apprenticeships is a priority for the Government, according to skills minister John Hayes.

At the launch of a government-backed marketing campaign to encourage more employers and young people to get involved in apprenticeships, Hayes said that he wanted to make sure everyone had the chance to "be their best" through access to apprenticeships.

He commented: "I want more disabled people, for example, to benefit from apprenticeships. I want more people with learning difficulties to be able to benefit from apprenticeships. I want more women to get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) apprenticeships. I want us to have more penetration into the minorities who are, at the moment, under-represented."

The Telegraph reported yesterday that Cameron is planning to hold a "Racism in Football" summit following the witchunt against football players who allegedly insulted one another in unapproved terms on the pitch. It's OK if one player calls another bald/fat/stupid/talentless but if he should describe the other player as "black" (even if he actually is black", it apparently becomes a criminal offence and a grounds for depriving the player of his status or livelihood.

The Prime Minister and Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, will stage a “round table discussion” at Number 10 with leading figures from footballing authorities - as well as “player representatives” - next week.

The move comes amid growing fears that incidents allegedly fuelled by racism are harming the image of the game in England in the run up to the London Olympic Games, which begin in July.
Source: Telegraph

It's clear that there is indeed racism in football. People of European ancestry are being systematically discriminated against. How else to explain the disproportionate number of negroes on the teams? Unless, of course, Equality Campaigners want to claim that negroes are athletically superior to non-negroes. And if they make that claim, do they concede that if negroes are superior in athleticism, they may be inferior in some other sphere? If not, they are implicitly claiming that negroes are the master race: superior in one sphere but not inferior in any other.

We constantly hear from diversity advocates that minorities want to see parliaments/boardrooms/whatever that reflect the natural demographics of the country. Well, OK. But is it OK for Europeans then to want to have sports teams that reflect the demographics of their countries too? Sports teams, especially national sports teams, do, after all, have a symbolically representative function. Think of the French team in the last World Cup. I think I remember one white guy in it. The entire team was populated by African imports who felt not loyalty to France, as evidenced by their going on strike before a crucial game. Apparently these people, largely Muslims, had imposed halal-only food on the entire team, including the non-Muslims. Indeed, Patrice Evra, who has starred in the latest contrived racism controversy in English football, was part of that French team. It was disputes over these "diversity" issues that led to them going on strike. Europeans have the right to see sports teams that look like them. If we're going to have quotas, let's start with pro-European quotas in sport.

But back to the main point. What the Conservative antics this week demonstrate is that there is simply no resistance left in mainstream politics. Cultural Marxist ideas have colonised the minds of the middle-of-the-road right-wingers. That is why (democratic) salvation, if it comes, must come from the so-called far-right.

And the story is the same all across Europe. The mainstream right-wing parties have embraced the ideas of the left. In representative democracies, most voters can be taken for granted. The number of wavering voters who could go either way and who actually decide the outcome of elections is often tiny. Parties have realised that the secret to success in this rigged system is trying be as much like your opponents as possible.

I saw a comparison of Marine Le Pen's National Front's policies to those of the mainstream right-wing party in France in 1980. Point by point, they were almost identical. Similarly, most people would be amazed if they saw some of the things the Conservatives were doing and saying about immigration in the 70s. Voluntary repatriation was official policy (although never actually implemented). Now it's the preserve of the BNP.

The mainstream Conservative parties have all moved left, deserting their voters, creating the policy vacuum which the far-right is filling. Across Europe, the so-called far-right is marching in from the fringe to the mainstream. Eventually the far-right parties will displace the traditional conservative parties or they will merge, re-stiffening the spines of the old guard. This is a necessary process, but it could take a generation or more to complete. In the meantime, the Muslims and the multicultists are laughing all the way to the mosque.


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Security costs are estimated to be around £500,000 a year on top of the £1million in benefits, prison costs and legal fees the terror sympathiser has drained from the public purse.

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