Wednesday, 15 February 2012
Two teenage girls ‘taken to flat and raped by gang who thought they could do as they pleased’

Two teenage girls were lured from their home town to a dingy Birmingham flat where they were subjected to a degrading weekend of sexual attacks by a group of men who “believed they could do with them as they pleased”, a court was told yesterday.

The girls, aged 15 and 16, were driven from Telford, Shropshire, to the flat by two men who used them for sex before “offering them up to their friends”.

The men said that they were part of a violent gang and “used their strength in numbers” to persuade the girls that “resistance or escape was hopeless”.

Alex Chalk, prosecuting, told a jury at Birmingham Crown Court that the six men in the dock had “not a shred of respect” for their victims, who were targeted because they had “rough edges” and came from difficult backgrounds. “These men made an assessment . . . that if they ever did complain, their backgrounds and demeanour meant they would attract little sympathy,” he said.

What ensued was a weekend of “sustained degradation and humiliation” during which the teenagers, at times sobbing and begging to be left alone, effectively became the sexual toys of their assailants. Shamrez Rashid, 20, Amar Hussain, 21, Jahbar Rafiq, 28, Adil Saleem, 21, Aqueel Rahman, 20, and Amer Islam Choudhrey, 20, each deny child abduction in relation to the 15-year-old girl, who was reported missing by her mother.

The six are also charged with 14 sex offences, including seven rapes, attempted rape and five sexual assaults.

The court heard that the 16-year-old initially agreed to become a Facebook “friend” of Mr Rashid, who used the false name of Adam, after meeting him at a theme park in the Midlands.

Some months later, in November 2009, he phoned and arranged a meeting in Telford. Mr Rashid arrived in a car with a man he introduced as his cousin and invited the girls to travel with them to Birmingham.

Mr Chalk said that the girls were flattered but wary. They pretended that the younger girl needed to be home by 9.30pm because she was babysitting. The men promised that they would bring them back in time. The teenagers were taken to a dirty two-room flat which had a mattress in the downstairs kitchen and a bed with no mattress in the bedroom above.
Mr Chalk described a series of sexual attacks that were allegedly carried out by Mr Rashid and Mr Hussain before more “cousins” and friends arrived “with sex in mind”.

At different times more than a dozen men, “no doubt summoned by the good news” of the girls’ helpless presence, are said to have sought gratification from them. Both teenagers, at various times, were crying and during the night they discussed trying to escape from the flat to walk back to Telford, but they “realised that they didn’t have a clue where they were”.

At one point two men forcibly had sex with the 16-year-old in the kitchen while other men “kept coming downstairs to watch through the glass door”. It made her feel “horrible and upset”.

The girl later told police that she faced “a dilemma — should she do what the men wanted in the hope that they would leave her alone? Or would that just encourage them to come back for more? She felt like she wanted to jump out of the window.”

The case continues.
Source: The Times (£)


PamM said...

No surprise to find the BBC do not mention this at all, even on their Birmingham page.

Anonymous said...

Drop them into General Population in prison. Problem will fix itself.

Anonymous said...

its seems these girls from telford keep cropping up in these cases .

Anonymous said...

When is this going to stop? When Islam magically reforms?

Apologists state that Islam need a couple of hundred years like Christianity, but then how come religions made after Islam aren't so bothersome?

As long as Muslims are brought up in a religion that believe that their own system of laws is superior to that of the host country, these problems will never just go away. If anything they are getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Islam needs couple of hundred years? who wants to keep getting raped and murdered just because muslims need few centuries to learn civilized manners?

Anonymous said...

slaughter the sand monkeys NOW!

Islam is satanic garbage.

Mohammed sprang from a rat's anus.

Anonymous said...

what would have happened if a group of white youths had kidnapped and gang raped a couple of paki girls, me thinks the response would have been a million times more coverage, but white kids don't count as much do they in the eyes of the media

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kidnapping, battery, and rape of 2 minors. They won't survive prison with that looming over their heads. I hope that when they're thrown in prison, because they will be, they get to learn what tossing the salad means...right before Big Bubba shoves his wang so far up their butthole that they bleed to death.

Anonymous said...

The link to The Times goes to The Times front page, not the story.

I did find the article at The Times by searching in the upper right search field "Two teenage girls ‘taken to flat and raped" The article appeared on the 15th feb 2012.

But clicking on it just brings you to The Times Front page with a request to subscribe, not to the article.

Here is a link to the results of the search at least. It should prove that it is at The Times that proves the story is genuine.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It takes you to the front page if you don't have a subscription.

Anonymous said...

To hell with these devil's-spawn, from the mind of the most despicable man who ever lived. They dare to tell us we must "respect" their women, while they defile and destroy our girls. I have no more care for them than I would a mad dog.

Anonymous said...

The only place for islam is hell which it was birth out of and soon it will be going back to hell with all its adherents.

The religion for evil tards.

john in cheshire said...

These animals don't deserve to live amongst civilised people. If there was any justice in this country, they'd be castrated and deported to some godforsaken muslim country where they can follow their heathen beliefs. Minus the wherewithal, of course.

Anonymous said...

b9 crew apparently

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that there still exists such monumental ignorance based on hate and prejudice. It saddens me that I have to share a planet with some of the commenters here.

This sick and evil crime had NOTHING to do with the religions of either the criminals or their victims. To use the pain and terror of the victims to feed your own ignorant, hateful and prejudiced agenda is an example of the lowest and basest elements of human nature. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said... obviously haven't read the Koran or the Hadith or the Sunnah...or you would know that all religions aren't equal...relativism is a weak minds attempt at discovery...please spend some time with their documents and their own interpretations and you'll see that rape is indeed an integral part of the practice of Koran and Jihad... KingJefferson... ;~)

William said...

Anonymous, in Islam, women are simply the property of men. It says so in the Koran and this is on display in any Muslim country. Mohammad-Islam's "perfect man"- was a slave holder, pedophile, rapist and mass-murder. Pull your head out of you a$$.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 18th Feb, it has EVERYTHING to do with their religion. They are taught and believe kufr (non-believers) are second class scum with whom they can do whatever they like. We have nothing to be ashamed of by knowing the facts and recognising this evil ideology for what it is. You are guilty of monumental ignorance and we should be ashamed of sharing the planet with pathetic apologists like you, not to mention the vile filth who perpetrated this assault

Anonymous said...

its always white girls pressing charges on asian muslims,TOTAL BULLSHIT, all for money u evil non-beleivers.

Anonymous said...

I advocate total war with any nation that expouses Sharia Law. First deport all muslim men who have any women in their company who are required to wear head scarfes or worse. Execute them if they resist.

This will be a war for civilisation itself! The time is now, especially for you Pommies. England is fast becoming a lost cause it would appear. The animals described above should be executed immediately! We Aussies will be happy to oblige!


Anonymous said...

the pakis in court maintain it was either lies or consensual. it remains to see what happens as the case unfolds. hopefully, the outcome will see the truth come out and justice done. already the lesson to be learned is that young non muslim indigineous girls should tread very carefully before embarking on any form of relationship with a muslim male.

Anonymous said...

all non muslims love making these comments but what about if that was your brother or son an these English girls doing it for the money ok lets say these charges are true but how many times will it happen to the same girls common im sure if you have standard english an a common sense you "ll understand its just racism an also the amount of money these girls get!!!

Anonymous said...

how dare you judge him on his religion? he could have been a christian or a jew and you would have done nothing about it but when it comes to muslims you think we are all terrorists or worse.Well that is where you are wrong most muslims are just like you. the assault has nothing to do with religion

Anonymous said...

Not about religion? Then why didn't they abduct an Asian child and take turns to repeatedly rape her?

I agree it's not always about religion - but it's sometimes about religion, and this case reeks of it.

Andrew Watson said...

Hmm, true said !

Anonymous said...

Hmmm so just because they have Arabic names makes them Muslims do they????!

Fuck this Article is shit anywayzzz

Its like saying a group of christians raped so and so here, just because their white.

Who wver did this to the Girls, i hope they get a very painful punishment from God!!

I'm a Muslim girl and i know my religion very clearly.

I hate how we are even potrayed in the media

I'm fully morrocan and i am born in england. My eyes are green and i am white. I dress normally like everyone else and carry on with my life. I dont get brutally beaten up as some of you think being potrayed by the media as a Muslim Woman. I have do play Karate and am a Black belt. So that may be hard. Besides a Muslim is only aloud to have a fight out of self defence and these foolish morons are going to get severely punished by God!!!! Effin Rapists!!!

Anonymous said...

My husband took a ride with a Muslim cab driver in Oslo, Norway. In no uncertain terms the cab driver expressed the view that white women were getting PAID BY THE POLICE to report Muslim rapists. And he also pulled a 'joke' by saying that maybe he should do the same and earn a buck.

Obviously this type of news is non-existent in the Norwegian press. Everyone praises multiculturalism and women are paying the price for these delusional ideas conceived by ignorants who know nothing about Islam.

Anonymous said...

"I'm fully morrocan and i am born in england. My eyes are green and i am white. I dress normally like everyone else and carry on with my life. I dont get brutally beaten up as some of you think being potrayed by the media as a Muslim Woman. I have do play Karate and am a Black belt. So that may be hard. Besides a Muslim is only aloud to have a fight out of self defence and these foolish morons are going to get severely punished by God!!!! Effin Rapists!!!"

The only reason why you can dress normally and practice karate is because you live in the UK. It's good that you live normally, but many muslims don't. It's against them that we have issues. Many of them are barbaric apes who can't live in civilised country.

You know that even the Muslim Declaration of Human rights say that women are inferior to men. This just had no place in the west world.

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