Sunday, 26 February 2012

Yesterday the beleaguered but heroic Scottish Defence League held a demo in Glasgow, massively outnumbered by "anti-fascist" counter-protesters and the police.

The unelected (appointed through the regional list system) MSP Humza Yousaf (SNP), an associate of Hamas terror commander Mohammed Sawalha, had organised a petition demanding that the original request to carry out a march be denied. All of Scotland's party political leaders signed the petition. Not one Scottish newspaper has ever reported on Humza Yousaf's Hamas connections. This is an organisation whose charter is riddled with the most virulent antisemitism, yet when Yousaf accuses the SDL of peddling "vile, toxic hate" he is still taken seriously. I sent information about Yousaf's Hamas ties to various journalists. Not one responded. I wrote a letter to the Herald about it. It wasn't printed. We are living in a Soviet-type environment in which truth doesn't matter. Evidence doesn't matter. Reason doesn't matter. Democracy doesn't matter. Nothing matters except conformity with the approved ideology of the state.


Anonymous said...


CZ, did you notice Vilks' response to the egg-throwing youths recently?

He drew "a bearded face" on the egg.

- Awesome!

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