Thursday, 2 February 2012

Of course it's hardly surprising that prisons are the first sector of society Islamic mores come to dominate. The astonishingly high percentage of halal meals in Belgian prisons, though, gives us an inkling of the veritable holocaust of crime that Europeans are subjected to thanks to their government's insane immigration policies.
Although some penitentiary establishments in the country have chosen to keep pork on the menu and adapt the meals to those who don’t eat it, other prisons on the other hand, like the one in Forest, decided some time ago to quite simply ban pork from the kitchens.

And that out of a concern for simplicity. At Forest, for example, 80% of the inmates only want to be fed with halal meals. So as not to have to redo the whole kitchen infrastructure, it not being possible to prepare halal meat in the same place as pork chops for example, the choice was made to serve only halal meals.

Which is what is giving rise to the unhappiness of some inmates who want a ham sandwich or the like.

Although in Belgium, no official complaint has been filed on this subject, in the Netherlands by contrast, one inmate has won his trial against the prison which was imposing a Muslim diet on him.

And here, do we need to bring about a return of pork in our prisons?

The liberal deputy Denis Ducarme thinks that pork should be reintegrated into the meals of all the penitentiary establishments in the same way that “religious liberty must also be re-established in our prisons.”

Many prisoners of foreign origin are subjected to enormous pressure in prison by the Islamists who are practising proselytism in our prisons. Alongside that, anti-halal clans are also forming. We’re getting to the situation of American prisons with the wars of the clans. It is time that freedom of choice was guaranteed to inmates. And that also means the return of pork to the meals of those who don’t want to eat halal because they are not of the Muslim faith,” declares the deputy who this Wednesday is organising an “afterwork” in the headquarters of the MR [Republican Movement – his political party] with the theme “religion in our prisons”.

A debate open to all those present, notably several members from the staff of different prisons in the country as well as the French researcher Mohamed Sifaoui, author of several works on Islam.

“Next week I am introducing a new proposed resolution on each inmate’s right to religious liberty. So that this growing Islamic proselytism in our prisons finally comes to an end.”


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