Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This week other politicians have attacked Marine Le Pen's claim that all slaughter done in the greater Paris (Ile-de-France) region was 100% halal.
On a visit to Paris' main meat market on Tuesday morning, President Sarkozy rejected the claims of far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen that all meat consumed in the Ile-de-France region is halal, without consumers being aware.

...President Sarkozy made an unscheduled early morning visit to the Rungis food market outside Paris on Tuesday morning where he said Le Pen's claims were "groundless."

"We eat 200,000 tonnes of meat every year in the Ile-de-France and only 2.5 percent is halal," he said.

The agriculture minister also criticised Le Pen's remarks, describing them as "false."
Source: The Local

However, Le Pen's claim has now been confirmed by the region's Chamber of Agriculture.

The Chamber of Agriculture of the Ile-de-France confirmed today in a statement that 100% of the meat slaughtered in the Ile-de-France was in accordance with Muslim and Jewish traditions.

"No choice is given to the breeders" who have to go into the provinces to have their animals slaughtered," regrets the Chamber of Agriculture, which brings together professionals from the region's agricultural sector. The animals must travel "hundreds of kilometres", the carcasses being repatriated for conditioning and distribution in the Ile-de-France, emphasises the organisation which denounces the "loss of time and money".

Previously, the slaughterhouses in the region were managed by the local authorities but "the disengagement of the local councils has seen slaughter in the Ile-de-France handed over to private operators bit by bit", explains the Chamber. For "reasons of simplifying the process and motivated by the reduction of costs", these operators have favoured a "process of uniform ritual slaughter", regrets again the Chamber of Agriculture which points the finger at "the culpable consent of state agencies".

However the abattoirs in the Ile-de-France represent less then 2% of the meat consumption in the Ile-de-France, declare the professionals. The latter also regret the lack of information available to consumers. "In France it is estimated that 30% of the meat is slaughtered according to the Muslim and Jewish rites while their demand represents only 7%; 23% is thus marketed as "traditional" meat, again according to professionals.
Source: Le Figaro


Anonymous said...

The public still couldn't have any chance of finding the "traditional" meat, since no meat is certified "Traditional", or "non halal".

Furthermore, as far as we know, the uninformed consumer is still contributing to the "halal tax" which goes to finance the sharia activities, such as the particular slaughter, building of mosques etc.

Anonymous said...


France2 had a terrifying documentary about French abattoirs recently, too dirty and violent to watch.

Could be worth taking a look at, unless you already commented on it.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Yeah, I posted it here a few days ago.

Maria José said...

Switzerland: Sharp increase in crime due to Tunisian refugees


Anonymous said...

So Shark-o managed to pull down his own pants and show his behind to the world yet again?

Anonymous said...

That's one way to put it, 0946;)

Btw, I think that's the pronounciation in the original language, isn't it?

Oh, and sharks don't care about certification, anyway, do they?

Eat anything they can chew.

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism has allowed many barbaric practices to enter Europe/West .These have become virtually a social plague. One of the worst of these practices is the ritualised and slow killing of dumb helpless animals.

Since we allowed in Muslims, we have re-adopted the barbaric practice of the slow killing of animals, just to keep Muslims happy, and prevent them from going on murderous riots. Halal slaughter, was once just a small enterprise, and could be ignored. But now the suffering of dumb animals is on such a huge scale that it can no longer be ignored.

It is unacceptable that our values of humane slaughter have been trashed to appease the unappeasable. How has it come to pass, that we have trashed our humane values and forced our society to barbarism – worse still, done it with no reference to us.

It is time to say enough. Halal slaughter and Halal meat, imported or otherwise, is completely against the culture, faith and traditions of Europe and the West, and should be totally banned in Europe.

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