Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pro-immigration propaganda (in Catalan)

Yesterday I posted about how the French state was weaving pro-immigration propaganda into almost all strands of the schools curriculum. In Spain it's even more surreal: they're putting the propaganda into the bread!

In Llerida, a Catalan city that is one of the most Muslim-colonised parts of Spain (this is where the dog poisoning occurred and where churches were threatened with fines because their bell-ringing disturbed immigrants), when you buy a loaf of bread, it will come in a paper bag that contains "information" about immigration, "refuting in this way the prejudices and clichés which circulate as if they were truths".
The initiative enjoys the support of the Asociación Catalana para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo (ACDC) [Catalan Cooperation and Development Association], the Gremio de Panaderos [Baker's Association], the town council of Lérida and the Generalitat de Cataluña [Parliament of Catalonia] and is a new format for the various "anti-rumour" projects that have been developing in various Spanish cities.
Source: Alerta Digital

The bags will contain figures that "counter the false beliefs about our foreign neighbours, such as that immigrants take up all the school meal assistance or that they are responsible for the collapse of health."

As well as baker shops, the diversity propaganda will also be dispensed via stickers, posters and book stalls. Future messages will "refute the prejudices that immigrants do not have to fulfil the same requirements when they open shops and the idea that 'we are being invaded'."

It seems other Catalan cities, such as Barcelona, have been doing this for some time.
In November 2010, when the Barcelona City Council unveiled its long-term strategy to improve coexistence among local and new immigrants, it launched a clever public service campaign to dispel rumours, misconceptions and the prejudices that many local people held about minorities and immigrants.

Among the city’s weapons? They recruited and trained ‘anti-rumour agents’ to dispel myths and spread the campaign through local organizations and the city’s neighbourhoods. Their mission? To contradict uninformed ideas about immigrants and combat discrimination. How? To take action as needed while traveling though the ordinary business of daily life.

Barcelona City Council has a website devoted to "rumour control". It contains resources and guides for "anti-rumour officers" who are also given special training courses. The resources include comics and videos. One of the latter is shown above. I don't understand Catalan but I get the impression he is asking for something truly Catalan in the baker's shop then the baker tells him "Oh, you can't have that, it's Austrian, oh that's from Switzerland, etc." It seems "rumours" about immigration are foremost among those that need to be "controlled".

Just when you think you've reached the limit of craziness, the the barrier is raised yet again. The parallels between modern Europe and the Soviet Union become eerier and eerier.


Anonymous said...

Let's just make sure to take a Croissant every now and then!

Josep Trinxeria said...

Indeed, as a native catalan speaker, that is what's on the video. The customer in the video is pretending to be 100% catalan, but the shop assistant 'corrects' him saying that everything he's ordering (croissants, etc) are of foreign origin (kind of suggestiong that any identity with foreign influences ceases to be so. Nonsense).
At the end of the video they say that we have to thank immigration, otherwise... we would have had very little population increase in the last decades!!! (incredible but true)


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Thanks for the info.

Someone should ask why population increase is a good thing.

I am still shocked by this anti-rumour propaganda in Catalonia. It's like East Germany. In fact, I feel the need to watch The Lives of Others again now.

Anonymous said...

Population increas is a good thing, but not when it's an increase in heathen people.

Heathen are the worst people for the environment, next to environmentalist wackos.

Anonymous said...

Population increase and population increase are two different things

There is organic immigration, and then there is invation. Organic immigration is fine, and the immigrants become a natural part of the population.

Invation is totally different, and this is why the European peoples are begging to differ.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I don't see why population increase is an inherent good thing. More crowding, more congestion, higher property prices. Who needs it?

Anonymous said...

- No bread..? Let them eat croissants!


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