Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This one is wryly amusing. It seems to dramatise the state of political opinion towards Islam in modern Europe. The scene is Brussels University. A debate is supposed to take place between Caroline Fourest and the historian Hervé Hasquin. The general theme of the conference is "Has the far-right become respectable?" Fourest intended to argue against. Although she is a committed leftist, she began to wake up to the threat of Islam earlier than most, probably because she is a lesbian. She helped expose Tariq Ramadan in her book "Brother Tariq". But she is an arch-proponent of the Goldilocks school of thought that there is some delicate middle ground between critique of Islam and embracing the "far right". Recently she published a book critical of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen.

Almost as soon as the debate begins, Muslims dressed in traditional Islamic attire (burkas, etc.) intervene, shouting "Burka, bla bla". They keep this up, preventing Fourest from speaking. Eventually she has to leave under escort without having had the chance to speak.

The leftists try to explain to the Muslims how they're all united against the far right, but the Muslims aren't listening.

Because she had uttered some mild criticisms of Islam, they had tagged her as an islamophobe and were determined to stop her speaking. The whole circus had been organised on Facebook by an employee of the university called Souhail Chichah. What's the betting he gets to keep his job after this?

He called the whole thing "Burqa Pride" and said it would represent the "stoning of Caroline Fourest". His followers also expressed their hatred for "whites" and Israel.

Will this wake up the leftists who still think that there is some accommodation to be made with Islam? I doubt it.


UPDATE: On Caroline Fourest's blog, she hasn't written much about the incident. At the bottom of the post where she briefly mentions it, however, she links to a post where she accuses Marine Le Pen and the National Front of "anti-Muslim racism". This is very revealing of the dhimmi mindset of so many of the "soft" critics of Islam. When they are attacked by Muslim radicals, their natural instinct is to respond by appeasing them, trying to show they are not "islamophobes" by attacking the so-called "far right", as if to say: "Look, Allah's executioner, we are good! We are not bad islamophobes! When we criticise aspects of Islam, it's only the tiny minority of extremists we target, or specific organisations, not the vast majority of good, decent, hard-working Muslims! Please don't put us to the sword!" But the sword swings anyway.


dfordoom said...

It's extraordinary that leftists still haven't figured out that the alliance between the Left and Islam only benefits Islam. They get virtually unrestricted Muslim immigration and virtually unrestricted welfare payments for Muslims out of the deal. The Left gets nothing.

And once the Islamic population is big enough they won't need the Left any more. Then they will turn on the Left with a savagery that will be breath-taking. And set out to destroy every leftist they can get their hands on.

It seems that the self-loathing and hatred for their own civilisation of leftists blinds them to everything else.

Unknown said...

The Left is certainly on the dhimmi path. They will make good dhimmis.

Anonymous said...

The Left is the useful idiots.

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