Friday, 24 February 2012

Rochdale takeaway attacked as youths clash with police

Police said they had managed to disperse the gangs that caused the disturbances
Gangs of youths have clashed with police after targeting takeaway businesses in Greater Manchester.

Police were sent to the Heywood area of Rochdale on Thursday evening after a takeaway was attacked and a number of vehicles damaged.

Businesses shut as youths gathered in the area. Eyewitnesses said about 200 youths were in Market Street.

A Greater Manchester Police officer was hurt in the clashes. Police said they had dispersed the group.

The disturbances coincide with the trial of 11 men from Rochdale accused of having sex with girls under the age of 16. They all deny the charges.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney said police were aware of "tensions in the borough".

“It hurts and we are very worried about what's going to happen”
Zeeshan Khokhar, Takeaway owner

He said: "A group of youths have attacked a local business and clashed with police officers. We would urge parents in the area to call their children if they are not home yet.

"Reassurance patrols are in place to try and mitigate this and we ask the community to act responsibly during this difficult time.

"A number of local businesses have closed of their own volition and we will continue to work closely with them."

Zeeshan Khokhar, 23, owner of Bits n Pizza, a takeaway on Market Street, said he had been verbally abused, but his shop was not damaged.

Mr Khokhar said "white friends" came to his shop to protect him as trouble began brewing in the afternoon.

He said: "It started about 4pm, kids banging on windows. They were shouting: 'Why are you still open?'

"The police came and told us to shut up shop. We are just doing business. It's not good, it hurts and we are very worried about what's going to happen."

After officers dispersed the group from Market Street some youths shouted "EDL" - English Defence League - as they left, according to the Press Association.

The EDL said on its official Twitter account that it had not been involved in the events in Heywood but praised the youths.

Police said they were monitoring social media sites.
Source: BBC


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, people take notice and avoid buying anything in these shops.

Anonymous said...

People have to defend themselves against the Jihad. They cant leave it to the Politically Correct police and the MSM, for the simple reason that both of them have deliberately hidden Mohammedan rapes and gang beatings from the public.

The EDL is right - unless we defend ourselves no one will.

Maria José said...

The colossal scale of mass immigration in recent years represents a savage betrayal of the British people by our governing elite.

Destroy Zionism and we'll prosper in Peace said...

you're all morons if you think this is what islam is and what genuine muslims do. these pakiz (just coz their pakiz don't make them muslim) are probably muslims by name but don't act like one. I'm pretty sure the 11 pigs on trial are pakiz coz its usually pakiz that do this sort of stuff. Muslims of other backgrounds don't do this shit.

FYI Islam is not restricted by skin colour or nationality, there are white, black, asian arab and chinese muslims.
Ergo EDL is fighting a battle its already lost.

Jo de Jongh said...

I demand, in the name of humanity, that the Black Stone be crushed, so that its dust scatters in the wind, that Mecca be destroyed, and that the tomb of Mohammed be dishonored. This is the way to discourage fanaticism.

Je demande, au nom de l'humanité, à ce qu'on broie la Pierre-Noire, pour en jeter les cendres au vent, à ce qu'on détruise La Mecque, et que l'on souille la tombe de Mahomet. Ce serait le moyen de démoraliser le Fanatisme."

(Gustave Flaubert / 1821-1880 / Lettre à Madame Roger des Genettes / 12 ou 19 janvier 1878)

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