Friday, 24 February 2012

What a striking contrast in the newspapers today. First we have a desperate British girl who goes to the police begging for help, telling them she is being systematically raped by Muslim gangs. They decide not to pursue their investigation and her ordeal goes on.
A girl aged 15 was used for sex by more than 20 men after police failed to act when the teenager told officers that she was being passed around members of the British Pakistani community, a court was told yesterday.

The schoolgirl, who was allegedly under the control of a child pimp, is said to have swapped sex for food, vodka and petty cash. The abuse happened across northwest England in houses, flats, cars and taxis.

When she resisted instructions to sleep with strangers, the teenager said she faced physical violence or threats that her mother would be “told everything”.

When the girl refused to sleep with one man immediately after having sex with his companion, she said she was grabbed by the throat, pushed against a wall and called a “white bitch”.

“I didn’t think I had a choice. After a while, it was like I didn’t care any more about anything. It was like it wasn’t me,” she said.

The girl is one of five teenagers from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, aged from 13 to 15, who
were allegedly groomed then subjected to a series of sex offences by numerous men over a two-year period.

In a filmed interview in August 2008, the girl gave a police officer a detailed account of sex offences allegedly committed against her by a 59-year-old man, who cannot be named. She said the man raped her and also forced her to have sex with other men.

A jury at Liverpool Crown Court has been told that detectives failed to act on her allegations. Between the police interview and the time she became pregnant five months later, the girl is said to have slept with a further 21 men.
Source: The Times (£)

So the British girl ignore a 15-year-old girl being gang raped by Muslims. But when it comes to really serious crime like, you know, staging a protest outside a Muslim-owned takeaway shop or maybe smashing a window, you can be sure the police and their political masters will mobilise every resource available.
Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney, of Greater Manchester police, said officers were "aware of the tensions in the borough that have come about because of an ongoing court case in Liverpool".

He said there would be a significant police presence in coming weeks and urged the community to act responsibly "during this difficult time".

Police stressed that all the business premises connected to the Liverpool trial were under new ownership. The leader of Rochdale council, Colin Lambert, said the vast majority of people in the area were law-abiding.

Superintendent Chris Hankinson, who is based in Rochdale, described Thursday night's events as "unacceptable". Police were viewing CCTV images and hoped to make more arrests.

"I want to reassure the communities of both Heywood and Rochdale that an increased police presence will be out on the streets in coming days to prevent any repeat of last night's scenes," Hankinson said on Friday. He said the disorder would not break the long history of partnership and community cohesion.
Source: Guardian

It is not just the Muslim rapists who should be on trial. It is the police, the politicians and the journalists who knew what they were doing for years and let them get away with it because they didn't want to disturb the illusion of "community cohesion".


Anonymous said...

The police and politicians not only didn't do anything about it, but forcibly suppressed a channel 4 documentary on the subject.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond words.

The police is with the politicians on the muslim side. We have no protection on our own soil.

The police taking orders from the infiltrated political system, are used as a tool in fighting us down.

Daily harassment and violence is used to with an ever stronger force to make us submit.

How many European girls have been raped, say in the latest ten years? Imagine if one single muslima had been raped by Europeans...!

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe what has happened to the UK. When will the people stand up and kick out those politicians that have brought this plague onto the British people?

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