Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I am François Desouche

Fdesouche.com is probably the best anti-Islam, anti-European Genocide blog in Europe. Although it focuses on France, it also covers similar stories from elsewhere on the continent. Many of the stories I post on this blog originate there.

In France, the website has become so popular that it has begun to have a marked effect on French politics. Marine Le Pen professed herself a fan. Multicultists, Muslims and the elite apologists for genocide who dominate Establishment culture in France as they do elsewhere in Europe, revile and regularly denounce this website.

They know that the simple collation of relevant materials has proved to be extraordinary powerful in undermining their worldview. It should come as no surprise, then, that Fdesouche.com is now under legal attack. A former Front National candidate, Pierre Sautarel, is accused of being the person behind the website, although he claims it is actually owned by someone in India. He has made this statement:
My name is Pierre Sautarel. I am 31. Since September, because I am accused of being the person legally responsible for Fdesouche.com, I have been subjected to what it is not excessive to call police and judicial hounding.

Because they don't have much to reproach me with, a judicial police officer has been been appointed to bring together all the complaints filed against Fdesouche.com regarding controversial comments and blame me for them.

But also to investigate my private life, my capital, my bank accounts, my relations with professional colleagues and friends. I am constantly summoned by the police. My acquaintances have also been interrogated.

The provisional conclusion of all that is that I am being investigated because of a complaint made by the direction of the association France Terre d’Asile [Asylum seeker "charity"]. And that I probably will be again next month for another complaint filed by Arezki Dahmani. I have been questioned in relation to lots of other complaints which might earn me some more investigations in the next few weeks.

Anyone who opposes the genocide of the European people faces state persecution. This is yet another example of it. What's particularly significant about this case, though, is that fdesouche.com is being persecuted over comments, not authored material posted on the site. In fact, there is almost no original material on the site. It just aggregates snippets of articles and videos from elsewhere then lets other people comment on them. This is obviously a strategy designed to survive in a hostile judicial environment, ringed round with "hate speech" laws. But even that has not been enough. Even if you post no original material, they will still get you for your comments.

I am François Desouche


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