Friday, 17 February 2012

This is the guy who led the witch-hunt against Thilo Sarrazin; the who proclaimed that "Islam is part of Germany"; the guy who delivered his Christmas message standing next to a veil-wearing Muslim.

Even in his parting speech, he couldn't stop playing the multicult game.
Federal Council President Horst Seehofer will take over representative functions. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak at the so important memorial event for the victims of far-right violence next Thursday.

Many of those who have participated in the European Genocide have later been shown to have been corrupt and on the take. It should come as no surprise. Beneath the veneer of spurious decency, these people are hardened hypocrites and criminals, willing to consign their own peoples to oblivion in return for a life of comfort and privilege.

However, it's bizarre that people become indignant at them for taking bribes and backhanders and not for committing genocide. It's like being upset at Hermann Göring because he stole paintings.


Maria José said...

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