Monday, 20 February 2012

The French government document "National plan of action against racism and antisemitism 2012-2014" is quite shameless in acknowledging that education will be used as an instrument of indoctrination to inculcate politically approved views on race, religion, immigration and human rights.
...National school curricula contain, at all education levels, teaching designed to lead to an understanding of diversity and the richness of the cultures represented in France.

All the standard motifs used to instil guilt into European children about their own culture and history are in there: genocides (focusing on the Holocaust), and the African slave trade (although not the Muslim part in it you can be sure). While the history of genocide is taught, the Armenian genocide, the genocide that gave rise to the name, appears to have been thoughtfully omitted lest it offend Muslims. (UPDATE: Actually, I was wrong about this. Re-reading the document, I see there is a mention of the Armenian Genocide.)

There is also the historically-unjustified focus on non-European civilisations such as Han China, classical India and a "sub-Saharan African civilisation and its artistic production". The fact that almost no one, even people well-versed in history, could even name a single sub-Saharan African civilisation proves their utter historical insignificance. Yet European children must be taught about them for political reasons.

A favourable view of immigration must be instilled into the children.
In secondary school, the new history programmes for classes in the fourth year propose that pupils reflect on the evolution of immigration in France in the 20th century, which allows them to understand that the contribution of the foreign populations constituted an opportunity for France.

It seems religion has been reintroduced into the curriculum since 2002, not in a class of its own but integrated into other subjects such as history. Bizarrely, Islam is the ONLY religion taught at primary school level. The other monotheisms are taught at secondary level.

Pupils are also to be brainwashed till they properly appreciate the importance of human rights. This document is among the clearest items of evidence yet of how governments are now turning education into political propaganda. The propaganda is pervasive. If it was confined to just a Civics class, it would be bad enough. But it pervades all elements of the curriculum. The topics chosen for study in the History, Literature, even Art classes (studying African art!) are designed to interweave with the ideological agenda.

This plan is actually a complete blueprint for the promotion of the state's favoured "Diversity Macht Frei" ideology. Propaganda through the educational system is only one part of it. It also explains how television and cinema will be used to promote favourable views of diversity; it lists the "anti-racist" propaganda organisations that will be receiving government subsidies; and the new laws that will be introduced to suppress dissent.

If you can read French and you're looking for an example of how modern European states have been Sovietised, you cannot find a better single illustration of it than this document.

Source: National plan of action against racism and antisemitism 2012-2014 Via:


Anonymous said...

If you weren't there, you wouldn't believe all this is really happening today!

Anonymous said...

"Opportunity for France"

Chance pour la France, CPF, a phrase which is frequently used in sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

What do muslims in Europe learn about European history and culture...?

Anonymous said...

Fortunately(...?), the Russians are coming!

Russian orthodox church to be raised on Avenue Rapp, a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower. General Rapp, after whom the Avenue is named, is also intertwined both with Russian, as well as Mameluk history.

Construction should start early 2012.

Anonymous said...

Systematically infiltrating
- How the Obama system is working on even the smallest countries in Europe

"In his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo in June 2009 year, President Obama announced that the U.S. would host a conference to strengthen ties between business leaders, organizations and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Muslim communities all over the world. The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship will take place in Washngton D.C. April 26. og 27.

Among the participants are Mahmona Khan and Dilek Ayhan from Norway."

"Dilek Ayhan (30) from Oslo is manager of Alarga, an organization that recruits students of minority background to Norwegian businesses. Ayhan has long been involved in promoting diversity in the labor market, and before that was the first leader of the Norwegian Turkish Youth Association. In 2005 she received the Norwegian government's Immigrant Award for her efforts on behalf of children and youth. The U.S. Embassy is proud to sponsor the participation of Mahmona Khan and Dilek Ayhan at the Entrepreneurship Summit."

This Ayhan is expected to get a position in the EU-system, according to Norwegian TV2.

Then there was, of course, the Nobel Peace Prize... As a part of the deal?

Obama - Turkey - EU

Anonymous said...

The Turk's "business idea"

"Contributing to increasing companies' intercultural competence" (islamic competence, methinks).

øke virksomheters interkulturelle kompetanse.

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