Thursday, 16 February 2012

The totalitarian pretensions of the EU rise increasingly to the surface. From denouncing the democratically-elected government of Hungary, they have now moved on to denouncing the campaigning of a political party. Where did these people ever get the idea that it was their role to comment on the goings-on in individual EU countries? Note that the PVV website is just a private initiative, not a policy of the government. But EU Commissars now feel at liberty to publicly denounce the actions of democratic politicians as they strive to represent their people.

It would be very easy to slide into the mentality that sees this type of intervention as normal. But sink into that mindset, we're lost. We need to constantly remind ourselves of some simple truths.

It is not normal, and it is not moral, for unelected bureaucrats to tell elected politicians what they should do.

It is not normal, and it is not moral, for government to tell their people what they should think.

It is not normal, and it is not moral, for criminal sanctions to be applied to the expression of unapproved words.


Anonymous said...

The same is happening to Hungary

Fascism? Or Just Not PC? You Be The Judge.

Below is the pr-amble to the Hungarian constitution that so irritates the EU that it is thinking of sanctions against Hungary

We, the members of the Hungarian nation, bearing responsibility for all Hungarians, declare:

We are proud that our King St. Stephen has, a thousand years ago, placed our country on a firm fundament and that he has made our nation (through his conversion) a part of (Western) Christian Europe.

We are proud of the survival of our country, of its freedom and our ancestors that struggled for her independence. (For long, the Hungarians were called “the rebel nation”.)

We are proud of the outstanding intellectual achievements of Hungarian individuals (such as 14 Nobel prizes).

We are proud that our people have fought to defend Europe (from the Mongols and the Turks) and that it has, through its talent and diligence, contributed to our shared (European) values.

We acknowledge the nation-preserving role of Christianity. We also appreciate the various religious traditions represented in our country. We promise to preserve the spiritual and intellectual unity of our nation that has been torn apart by the storms of the past century. The ethnic groups that live with us are part of the Hungarian political community and are therefore nation-forming factors here.

We accept the obligation to protect and enhance our inheritance, our unique language (Magyar is not an Indo-European language) Hungarian culture, the language and culture of Hungary’s national minorities as well as the nature-given and man-made treasures of the Carpathian Basin. We have a responsibility to our descendants. For that reason, we maintain the conditions of existence of the generations that will be following us through the careful use of our spiritual and natural resources.

We hold that our national culture amounts to a rich contribution to a multi-faceted European unity.

We affirm our respect for the liberty and culture of other peoples and wish therefore to cooperate with all other nations.

We affirm that the foundation of human existence is respect for the dignity of man.

We affirm that personal freedom can only be secured in cooperation with others.

We affirm that the decisive framework of community is the family, and the nation, and that the fundamental values of our sense of community are loyalty, faith, and love.

We affirm that the foundation of the community’s strength and of the honor of every individual is labor and the achievements of the human mind.

We affirm the obligation to extend help to those in need.

We affirm that the common goal of the state and the citizenry is the good life, security, order, justice and the unfolding of liberty.

We affirm that people’s sovereignty is present only where the state serves its citizens and when it handles their affairs without prejudice, abuse and with fairness.

We pledge to honor the achievements of our historic constitution (1222) and the Holy Crown that articulates the continuity of Hungary’s state system and the nation’s unity.

We do not recognize the conditions created by the suspension of our historical constitutional order by foreign occupations. We deny the applicability of a statute of limitations in the case of the inhuman crimes committed against the Hungarian nation and its citizens during the National Socialist and Communist dictatorships. (This provision is likely to be the Left’s main reason to resent the document.)

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