Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I've posted a few times about the dead Muslim Wissam Al-Yamni, who lapsed into a coma while in police custody then, sadly, died. Following their traditional habit of turning criminals into heroes, the local Muslims then created a kind of cult around the memory of dear, departed Wissam, practising the ancient Islamic rite of burning cars in tribute to the honoured dead.

Two police officers were suspended over allegations that they had used excessive force in subduing the drugged-up Wissam who had attacked their vehicle. But now a new twist in the story has emerged. It seems the saintly Wissam was the one who called the fire brigade and police in the first place, claiming that someone was injured and needed help. But this was a lie. The call was made before any trouble had begun. Wissam's intention was to lure the emergency services into a trap, where they would be subjected to a barrage of projectile fire, as indeed they were.

Well, Wissam, you can certainly be proud as you look down from the great mosque in the sky. Your trap worked perfectly.



Anonymous said...

BBC's blatent agitprop

The Home Affairs Committee have just published a report on tackling violent extremism. "Roots of Radicalism" is published on the Parliamentary website, and presumably news organisations were given advance access to the embargoed version to allow them to craft suitably considered articles. The majority of the MSM, even the Guardian, correctly introduce the report as being primarily concerned with Islamic extremism. A rough reading suggests that some 98% of the report is about Islamic extremism. So how do you imagine the BBC reports the publication on its website? Correct. "MPs fear far right terror threat". As a distortion of the truth, it's up there with "WWII bomber found on Moon" and "Freddie Starr ate my hamster".


UK threat from left wing terrorists
Europol predict an increasing threat to the UK from left wing and anarchist terrorism. In their most recent analysis of terrorist threats throughout Europe, analysing attacks and terrorist activity in 2010, red terrorists were responsible for some 45 attacks resulting in six fatalities, including a Greek police officer. The same report shows zero activity for right wing terrorists in Europe during the same period.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually he is in hell like every other muslim.
All muslims go to hell, even according to their own texts, and only those deemed worthy are released, but not of them are deemed worthy so they will all stay in hell.

The devil sure fooled them all by creating the utterly retarded religio known as Submission (islam).

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