Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Two recent studies have confirmed that people living in the parts of Britain that have been most heavily colonised by aliens are the last happy, and vice versa.

Last week, a study commissioned by the property website Rightmove found that Carlisle was the happiest place in England. Carlisle has experienced very little African or Asian colonisation.

Chris Brand (a former psychology lecturer at Edinburgh University who was sacked for saying negroes were less intelligent than other races) commented on the study on his blog, the G Factor.
A study by the property website Rightmove found that people in Carlisle, Cumbria [aka Cumberland], were the happiest in England, while those living in east London were the least content with their surroundings (D. Telegraph, 14 ii, Murray Wardrop). Researchers assessed towns on how residents felt about their area, the size and condition of homes, neighbourliness and safety levels.

Carlisle scored highest, followed by other largely-White places like York, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Chester and Llandudno. The only southern towns in the Top Ten were the White locations of Norwich, Dorchester and Exeter. By contrast, nine of the ten lowest scoring towns and cities were in the south, according to the survey. All the east London districts (largely Black-infested) were classed with the lowest scores, followed by Ilford, south-east London, Luton and Romford. Pakistani-invaded Oldham was the only northern town in the bottom ten of the website's Happy At Home Index.

Top 10 happiest places: (All very White and English):

1. Carlisle 2. York {‡, I can personally testify; surely England’s most charming and convenient city, even if its motorboat-packed River Ouse did not quite rival Edinburgh’s Firth of Forth} 3. Huddersfield 4. Harrogate 5. Chester {‡) 6. Llandudno 7. Norwich {‡} 8. Derby 9. Dorchester 10. Exeter {‡}.

Top 10 unhappiest places: (All heavily settled by Black and Srindopakeshi immigrants):

1. East London 2. Ilford 3. South-east London 4. Luton 5. Romford 6. Oldham 7. Enfield {which just 30 years previously had leading young Conservative Michael Portillo as its MP} 8. North London {where I grew up, then an entirely peaceful if dull area where many people had their own gardens and children could get to grammar school in Barnet} 9. West London 10. Harrow.

Today, a government-conducted study revealed essentially the same results. The two unhappiest parts of the country are East London and the West Midlands, both areas that have been mass-colonised by Muslims. By contrast, the happiest is Northern Ireland, which is probably the part of the United Kingdom that has been least colonised by non-Europeans.
In a survey of 80,000 people’s happiness, the first of its kind, the ONS found that men aged between 45 and 49 are the least satisfied with life in the UK.

Conversely, men and women aged between 65 and 80 are the most satisfied. This is followed closely by teenagers aged between 16 and 19.

London or the West Midlands are the gloomiest regions. People who live here are the least happy with their lives and also value the worth of what they do with their lives less than people in other regions. The findings come despite London being the wealthiest part of the country by some distance.

The happiest place in the UK, and also the one with the highest levels of life satisfaction and feelings of worth, is Northern Ireland, the ONS found.
Source: Telegraph

Interestingly, the colonists themselves are not happy either.
The highest levels of life satisfaction in the UK were found among white, Indian and other Asian groups. The lowest level was found among black, African, Caribbean or black British groups.

Members of the Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities were found to have the highest levels of anxiety.

This is not surprising. These people have been cut off from their historical roots and bereft of their own peoplehood. They are now just a bunch of nationless savages reduced to eternal whining about how Whitey doesn't give them enough respect or money.

These are selfish people. Their emigration to Britain was motivated primarily by greed. Their countries were poor but they were their own. They could have remained and worked hard to turn their countries into desirable places to live. In the 1950s, Taiwan and South Korea were poorer than many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. But the people there worked hard and now have standards of living comparable with the West. Those who came to Britain as colonists could have made the same choice; but they opted for the easy route to riches instead, abandoning their own peoplehood and making themselves an eternal infringement on ours. Or perhaps not so eternal.


Anonymous said...

When the BNP are elected to power, I pray that they subject our political Traitors and their willing collaborators in the Police Farce and Mainstream Media (the likes of the BBC) to Nuremberg-style trials held in British Law Courts across the length and width of Britain.

kevin said...

The day of reckoning is getting ever closer for the treasonous traitor politicians that have allowed all these millions of immigrant criminal scum to flood into our country at the evil alter of "Multiculturalism" and they WILL pay a very heavy price indeed and they WILL be punished for their criminal acts of treason. We must make it absolutely clear to these Muslim immigrant criminal/paedophile scum that they ARE NOT welcome in our country and their sickening behaviour and criminal activity WILL NOT be tolerated and there are no "No go Areas" or "Muslim areas" There is no such thing as a "British Muslim" Never has been, never will be. The time has come for the British National Party Revolution and take back the Britain that is rightfully OURS. Come on sheeple wake up and vote BNP!!!

Donna said...

Everyone knows that in 1968 Enoch Powell warned of the 'river Tiber foaming with much blood' if mass immigration from the third world continued but he also said there will come a time when white British will be told 'you are no longer wanted here' in their very own land.
Racist attacks on whites and muslim paedo grooming is part of a drive to make white indigenous feel no longer wanted and at home.
Enoch was criticized many times because we have not had yet 'rivers of blood' but surely Enoch's other prediction- indigeneous no loger welcome in their homeland has already come true.

Anonymous said...

The enrichers will now be targeting the top 10.

Anonymous said...

Well it is the fact that they are heathen that makes them miserable.

Here an interesting story:

Anonymous said...

ok western multinational companies dont pay tax, while soaking central & south africa dry for nature resourses, thats a scam.

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