Monday, 6 February 2012

Thanks to our Muslim friends, if you're planning a metro trip to around Molenbeek in Brussels, you may be able to ride for free. Ticket inspections have been temporarily abandoned around this area. Regular readers of the blog will know that Molenbeek is one of the heavily Muslim-colonised areas in Europe.
The cause: a note sent by the police of the western zone to STIB (Brussels Transport Authority) last week indicating serious threats against "anyone wearing a uniform".

“Inspections have been suspended until everything returns to order in the stations Simonis, Ribaucourt, Étangs Noirs and Comte de Flandres”, explains a STIB trade union delegate. “The police have been threatened. They were told: anyone we see in uniform we're going to shoot at!".

An inspector, also anonymous, goes even further. “There are areas where we don't go ever. Or, if we're making an inspection there on an exceptional basis, we do it in the context of a FIPA operation (Full Integrated Police Action) and so with large police support”, denounces the inspector speaking of places like la Cage aux ours or les metros St-Guidon, Ribaucourt, Yser or Comte de Flandres.

“In these places, it is very very rare that we do an inspection in the station. At best, we do it on the surface”, testifies the controller who adds that after their operations “there is often vandalism”. Conversely, according to the STIB employee, it is always the same "quiet" places that are inspected.

As for the trade union delegate, refuses to speak of zones of non-law. "The measure taken at Molenbeek is exceptional but normally we have to go everywhere. But it's true there are stations where we take more precautions. We go there in numbers, possibly with police support and we activate the surveillance cameras," adds the trade unionist.


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