Monday, 6 February 2012
The MPs do conclude that there may be growing support for nonviolent extremism within the Muslim community, fed by feelings of alienation and a sense of grievance, and this is a challenge for society and the police.

They recommend that tackling Islamophobia and demonstrating that the British state is not antithetical to Islam should constitute a big part of the official Prevent strategy designed to counter the ideology that feeds violent radicalisation.

The MPs talked to the radical preacher Abu Hamza in the maximum security unit at Belmarsh prison in London, who told them the main drivers of radicalisation were grievances, especially concerning Palestine and Afghanistan, a sense that the prophet was being mocked, guilt and capability.
Source: Guardian

Hahahahaha! Muslims attack us and hate us, so we should pander to them even more!


Anonymous said...

When we have MPs that are this ignorant about the actual teachings of islam, that do not realise there is no lie too depraved or evil for the muslims to tell, doing their holy lying (taqqiya) to disguise every aspect of islam.


Failing that, we need a large stock of body bags for our loved ones and us.

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