Monday, 6 February 2012

Breivik cited self defense on behalf of his culture as the basis for his plea. He said both attacks were a “preventive attack on traitors” because the Labor-led government – which he has blamed for promoting the "Islamic colonization" of Norway – was allowing the “deconstruction of Norwegian culture.” Breivik suggested he should receive a war medal for his actions.

“Ethnic Norwegians will become the minority in 10 years,” Breivik said during a brief opening statement, which provoked short, sharp bouts of laughter from victims present in court. “Indigenous people subject to genocide have the right to defend themselves.”
Source: Christian Science Monitor

Breivik read from a prepared statement as he boasted that his killing spree, carried out with a bomb, a rifle and a handgun last year, was a "preventive attack against state traitors" who supported immigration.

"I acknowledge the acts but I plead not guilty. I do not accept imprisonment. I demand to be immediately released," he said.

"We, the Norwegian resistance movement, will not just stand by while we are made a minority in our own country."
Source: The Telegraph

He stretches out his arms when he walks into the court. They're trying to imply this was a Hitler salute. That seems implausible given what he said about the Nazis in his manifesto. So what was he trying to do?


Steen said...

“Ethnic Norwegians will become the minority in 10 years,” He cant even get that right.

In Sweden - that is much more enriched than Norway, it will happen some time around the mid-centure - give and take.

In Norway there MAY be a chance around the year 2100, if every factor stays the same.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Maybe he meant Oslo? Or he maybe he thinks the prison demographics are reflected in the country as a whole?

Anonymous said...

In Oslo, housing prices are extremely high, while the politicians are building for the muslims. There will be a race to build schools for all the newcomers.

The increase in the Oslo population is extreme, and infrastructure is not built to meet this increase.

Politicians tell everybody to use public transport, which is already used to the full capacity, while building more roads are a no-no for the left. Taxes on car owners are used on public transport, and it is a scandal, and has been so for several decades.

"Oslo is growing more rapidly than any other European city" (Aftenposten, February 2012)

Today the Oslo population is 30% muslims. And, they have 50% of Labor Party representatives in the Municipal Council.

Anonymous said...

How these often illiterate, muslims from Somalia and other non-Western countries, can afford to live in Oslo, often ranged as the world's most expensive city, remains a mystery, as many Norwegians themselves, cannot afford to get housing in Oslo...

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