Sunday, 26 February 2012

That information comes from an article in the Telegraph today.
At least when a decision has to be made on whether someone should be extradited to the US, their government has to demonstrate that there is “probable cause”. A large number of countries, including all EU states, and others such as Azerbaijan, Peru, Sierra Leone and Bangladesh, have no need to demonstrate any basis for extradition. All they have to do is assert that they want to extradite an individual. British judges are not allowed to examine the merits of the case.
Source: Telegraph

Whoever signed this deal should be put on trial for treason. Some of the most savage Muslims in Britain are Bangladeshis. Choudary is a Bangladeshi name. Baroness Uddin is from Bangladesh. The Tower Hamlets takeover was organised by Bangladeshis. Now these primitives can extradite British people at will? They could charge you with "Insulting the Prophet", demand your extradition to face trial in Bangladesh and British courts would be powerless to prevent it.


Anonymous said...

"Some of the most savage Muslims in Britain"

is there something wrong in your head, you should stick to morris dancing

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