Sunday, 19 February 2012

This really is the most breathtaking example of BBC bias on the topic of immigration. The story here is that one quarter of all crime in London is committed by immigrants. But the BBC spins this to make it look as insignificant as possible.

First, it mocks the British people by saying they "dominate" crime, displaying a Union Jack as if we had won a medal at some championship. Their meaning, of course, is that a majority of those convicted of crime are British. What an astonishing revelation: British people commit most crime in their own country! Even that claim would be invalidated if we used a deeper definition of Britishness than mere UK citizenship.

Then the BBC claims that immigrants make up "almost half the workforce" in London. It's interesting that the BBC chooses to refer to the "workforce" rather than the more obvious metric of the number of residents who are immigrants. Why would it do this? Because the immigrant share of the workforce is higher than the immigrant share of the general population so it makes the criminal statistics look better.

Also the BBC's numbers on immigrants in London are questionable.
According to the most recent estimates, 32 per cent of London’s residents and nearly 36 per cent of its workforce were born outside the UK. At the last census in 2001, 27 per cent of Londoners were born abroad.

This from the pro-immigrant London local authority website.

Any population has its share of the criminally-inclined. It is for the government to deal with them if they are born in the country. But any rational immigration policy would be highly selective, screening out those with negative characteristics such as criminal records and favouring those with positive characteristics such as high education levels that also correlate with low levels of criminal activity. Obviously this is not happening.

Also note that the BBC says of immigration from Eastern Europe that it is "beneficial". Is it really for an organisation with a statutory impartiality obligation to tell us that Eastern European immigration is "beneficial"?

The only truth in this segment comes from the Polish criminal immigrant:
"English prisons are like a spa."

See the very different way in which the Daily Mail presents exactly the same story here.


Anonymous said...

it would be ar more meaningful if the stats showed the percentages by ethnicity,seeing as British passports have been handed out to any iqbal,mohammed, or masambula who washed up here in search of benefits.

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