Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Belgian politician, Alain Destexhe, has found himself at the centre of a "racism" scandal after a seemingly innocent remark he made on Twitter. When a Brussels metro station had to be shut down after it was vandalised by cagoul-clad youths, Destexhe posted the remark shown above on Twitter. The term "Norwegians" is, of course, ironic. Apparently it has become a kind of humorous code used in Brussels. Because political correctness prevents those truly responsible for the crime and insecurity that now blights the city - North African Muslims - being named, people say "Norwegians" instead.

But the humorous remark has generated a storm of criticism. The leader of his political party has denounced him.
"The president of the MR [his political party, called Mouvement Réformateur (Reform Movement)] condemns the ridiculous and unacceptable remarks of Alain Destexhe. He will speak with him directly during the day".
Source: Fdesouche.com


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