Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Observer has an interesting poll today. In the best Guardian tradition, it tries to put the best possible pro-alien spin on it by highlighting the supposed cultural benefits of immigration. Its article opens with the following phrase:
British people welcome cultural changes brought about by immigration...

But anyone looking at the results sees who overwhelmingly dishonest this representation is. In almost all of the core areas of national life, people believe immigration has had a damaging effect on the country.

People were asked the following question in relation to different areas of our national life:
What effect, if any, have people who were born outside the UK had on who have moved to Britain had upon the following?

People had the options Positive/Negative or no response.
Levels of crime and disorder: Positive 10% / Negative 58%

Availability of housing: Positive 9% / Negative 69%

Availability of jobs: Positive 10% / Negative 66%

But not to worry. 38% think it has had a positive effect on Premier League Football and 68% think it has had a positive effect on Food and Restaurants. That makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

Source: The Observer

Another interesting factoid:
Asian Britons are most optimistic about Britain in 2012

Why wouldn't they be? The Muslims are doubling their numbers every 11 years. They can see the country is going to be theirs a few decades from now.


Anonymous said...

How on earth can anyone think immigration has had a positive effect on crime? Locksmiths, rape councillors and lawyers apart.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It may have been the immigrants themselves who thought that - because there are better opportunities to rob and rape here than there were in their own countries.

Alternatively, that 10% could be the hard ideological core - the Guardianista types - who are committed to the immigration project to the bitter end and will say anything to defend it. Note the number of positive answers even on the most unlikely questions is always the same: about 10%.

Immigration Attorney said...

No one would be glad if an alien was doing something terrible in that country.

Anonymous said...

Who asked me?

Who asked "us"?

Gallardo Associates LLC said...

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