Friday, 6 January 2012

The author of this piece is an American negro, but the same ideology reigns here.
Using a culturally-centered instructional approach can help facilitate cultural pride among diverse students. Given the current federal and state preoccupation with standardized testing in core subjects, it is particularly crucial that educators multiculturalize core curricula such as math, science, reading, and writing. Providing diverse students with examples of diverse contributors to these fields and using culture-specific subject matter when teaching core topics will help them perform better in these highly scrutinized and important domains. Placing ethnically diverse students in a situation that emphasizes the strong points of their culture's preferred means of learning may help provide them with a greater sense of self-efficacy and achievement.
Source: Huffington Post

Science is about creating an objective store of knowledge; maths is one of its key instruments. The idea of culturally-specific maths or science is straight out of Hitler's playbook. Under his rule, the Nazis rejected "Jewish science" and demanded "German science" instead.


Maria José said...

Media censorship of gang-raping of children now endemic in Britain

Eleven Muslim men to go on trial in Liverpool on Feb. 6th, for the organised gang-raping of little girls

Anonymous said...

Just another extension of cultural marxism.

I remember the "wimmin" at univeristy in the 90s going on about "herstory" instead of history. Also blathered on about the male centric maths and physics subjects.

My point of view is that if you drop a feminist off a cliff she will accelerate just the same as a pig being dropped of the same cliff. That's physics... except the pig is probably prettier...

Anonymous said...

what the hell is guy talking about? science is objective, based on what we view in the world around us, how the hell do you make it multicultural? wtf is this guy a politician?

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