Sunday, 8 January 2012

No foreign ships or boats or planes brought the invaders to our shorelines; no foreign tanks rolled into our cities; no surrender documents were signed. The invaders came with our permission. Europeans have been conquered by their own ideas.

The phenomenon of "collaborationist native aristocracies" is one that constantly recurs in the story of empire, invasion and colonisation. These are elites who conspire with the invaders against their own people. It is clear that a variation on that theme is playing out in modern Europe. Normally, however, the elites are induced to collaborate, at least initially, by the threat or intimidating use of superior physical force. Thereafter, once they have secure a position of comfort and privilege within the new dispensation, they may go along with it willingly.

Since it's clear the element of physical compulsion is not present in our case, the mystery is why our elites choose to collaborate with the invaders against their own people. They seem to have been conquered by moral force, rather than physical force. Yet the moral force derives from a system of ethics that is both (a) absurd and (b) self-generated.

That is why I say we have been self-conquered.


Anonymous said...

Not much to add there, CZ

The victimization - Carbeque Clermont-Ferrand, France

A Wissam was drugged on cocaine, alcohol and cannabis when brought in by the police after a thirtysomething car fires the last few days in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

This Wissam is now in a coma.

Some 600 individuals, "French muslims", organized demonstrations in his support, which required some 200 policemen to keep some order in the city.

- I refuse to let no-go-zones get installed in Clermont-Ferrand, says area police chief Francis Lamy.

Four individuals, youths, will be prosecuted for arson, and for stone throwing on firemen and police.

sheik yer'mami said...

"The invaders came with our permission"- Not.

The people of Europe have never been asked.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

They came with the permission of our governing elites. And we could have removed our governing elites if we had really wanted to. But we allowed ourselves to be cowed by their ideas.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your distinction, sheik

- We, the European peoples' governments, permitted the invaders to com
- We, the peoples of Europe, were never asked


Anonymous said...

Having made the greatest ever strategic blunder in history by allowing Muslims to settle in Europe, these politicians are hardly likely to admit their mistake. All the main parties did the same, and none of them are going to admit it. So we will have cohesion ministries and officers and all that bunk, to give the impression that it is we, the unasked people, are the ones to blame for the resulting mayhem and breakdown of civil society.

Anonymous said...

All she(67) wants is some peace and quiet

17 year old threatens to kill her with a Kalashnikov, and her family, too

Kicks in her door in Marseille, when he learns that she is suing

Bluepanic said...

The Anglo Saxon Code
No crown but ours shall govern here,
No strangers rule with gold or fear,
No plow but ours may slough the loam,
No prow but ours slash the spume,
No hand but ours may bind our kin,
No gods but ours proclaim a sin,
No law but ours may stay a blow,
No hand but ours may draw a bow,
No men but ours may hunt the land,
No sons but ours bear sword in hand,
No word but ours shall we trust,
No flags be flown except of us,
No land but ours do we demand,
No more than what we have farmed,
No strangers slaving on our soil,
No man unpaid or forced to toil,
No heroes praised but ours alone,
No other kin but our blood and bone,
No strangers to tell us who we are,
No obedience to any foreign laws.

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