Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Salt - In the Line of Fire

The online newspaper Alerta Digital has commissioned a study of the demographics of the Catalan city of Salt. It found that in the 0-5 years age bracket, there are 14 times more children of immigrant origin than there are indigenous children. The proportion of aliens diminishes as you go up the age bracket.
In the 5-15 years age bracket, the proportion of foreign children compared to nationals is almost 70%. From 15-25 it reduces to 45%, while from 25-43 the percentage is slightly in favour of the indigenes.
Source: Alerta Digital

Immigrants, most of whom are Mohammedans from North Africa, now make up half of the population of Salt. But in 1992 they were only 5%. The rapidity of this change is astonishing. It can only derive from a lunatic government policy. Another interesting statistic: in 1992 only 156 crimes were reported in Salt; in 2010 it was 5000.

The video "Salt - In the Line of Fire" gives an idea of the effect this transformation has had on the harried indigenous population. I've posted the video before but it's a miniature masterpiece so it never hurts to post it again.


Anonymous said...

Salt. Brimstone. Fire.

Hell on earth.

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