Friday, 13 January 2012

People in Mayotte (the island off the coast of East Africa that is considered part of France and the EU) have been eligible for French welfare benefits since the start of this year. Benefits offices have been overflowing with applicants. Because the population is overwhelmingly (97%) Muslim, it seems the French government has decided to accept formally recognise polygamy in its procedures.

The state has decided to regulate the problem in the following way: the husband declares his wife of the first rank and the other wives have individual files. The resources of the husband are taken into account for all of his wives.


V said...

I can´t believe it! It´s a horrible way to handle money from EU!
I am right now studying law in EU at university and I am fed up with all the nice 'human rights' in the law. Human rights for whom?

Anonymous said...

France must be crazy, giving money to support an ancient patriarchal practice like polygamy, where one man has a sex fest with many concubines in his harem, and the women, poor things, have to line up and take their turn in the bedroom, and fight for his attention. Polygamy debases women. It contravenes their equality rights. It's way past time this disgusting practice was kicked into the garbage can of history. The year is 2012 AD, not 2012 BC, and it's high time that men learned that women are no longer chattels.

Inam Ullah Khan Mohammed said...

If you are ignorant about something at least don't try to preach others..polygamy does not mean lining up for sex turns it means total responsibility for all the needs of that women to be taken care by that man if someone doest not do this he has to answer on the day of judgement.Islam is the only religion which says if you can't do justice marry only one and if you do a survey you will find not more than 1% muslims use this rule rest 99% marry only one but the 80% westerners end up doing illegal sex and cry about polygamy.Polygamy is not some new way invented some 1400 years ago read the ancient history.If you analyse there are more women who are to either to be married and taken care or they end up in wrong hands(prostitution etc) if polygamy is there in any society these women can have these desires and care taken up in a dignified manner.The western hypocrites deny this rule and maintain more than one women unofficially (illegal sex) and claim to be higher civilization.Islam knows what human desires need if you want to debate come to a common place and lets see who has more textual as well as scientific proofs.

Anonymous said...

Admin, please remove comments from muslim fundies such as this one above.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah. It is modern societies who love to have one wife, and may girlfriend, besides their wives usually have boyfriends to.

Islam is the region, protected this thing and has given women rights & respect. A man who is married to 1 woman or 4 women has to protect and fulfil the all need of all wives and their children equally. If he cannot, he is not allowed to have more then 1. Even if he cannot afford 1, he is not allowed to have even 1 wife. otherwise GOD says "you have to come to me on judgement day and I will give you the punishment of your this sin."

Stop cursing Islam. Start thing that modern societies have thrown protected women in the hands of cowered, who use them making them girlfriends.

It is quite ease, because you are enjoying girls but you do not have to feed her and look after her need.

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