Monday, 16 January 2012

Look at this embarrassing article by Peter Oborne in the Telegraph: "Sayeeda Warsi, Baroness of the Punjab".
Peter Oborne joined the mill worker’s daughter on her mission to help preserve democracy in Pakistan

Warsi is so incompetent the Tories don't even dare to give her a real job but now she's going to preserve democracy in Pakistan? She was appointed Chairwoman of the Conservative Party and failed in the role so spectacularly they had to appoint a co-chairman to do the real work while she remained as a symbolic figurehead. They made her a cabinet member without portfolio because they knew she couldn't handle a portfolio.

She is a living illustration of what ethnic tokenism means: incompetence enthroned. And, in this case, ennobled.
... Britain has a secret weapon – Sayeeda Warsi. With her Punjabi heritage, local languages and easy manner, the Conservative Party chairman can reach parts of the Pakistan political system that other government ministers cannot.
As I witnessed at first hand last week, David Cameron has licensed Baroness Warsi to operate as Britain’s unofficial envoy.

In between the calls, she gave an interview on Pakistan state television with presenter Moeed Pizada. Baroness Warsi used this media opportunity ruthlessly to reach out beyond Pakistan’s notoriously thin political elite to PTV’s mass rural audience. Elegant in her shalwar khameez, Baroness Warsi lapsed into Urdu, the local language, as she dealt with viewers’ questions.

These reflected the concerns of ordinary Pakistanis about Britain’s super-tight visa and immigration controls. Pizada asked her whether, as the daughter of an immigrant herself, she was not betraying her heritage by supporting anti-immigrant policies.

She replied that times had changed since her family arrived in Britain in the 1950s, and that it was important to protect jobs for British workers.

Later I asked Pizada about the effect Baroness Warsi had had on her Pakistani audience. He said she was seen as the voice of a new, multicultural Britain and that the interest of viewers had risen sharply after she switched to Urdu, with hundreds of questions coming in.

But he added that he was disappointed with the shallowness of her answer when she was asked why Britain did not do more to defend Pakistan’s interests against the United States, which is widely hated in Pakistan.

Northern, working-class and Muslim, Sayeeda Warsi has evolved a language of diplomacy that is all her own. She takes people with her, rather than dictates. She represents modern multicultural Britain in all its complexity, and she’s a Conservative. She is on her way to inventing a new type of politics for the looming age of authenticity.

When Warsi gave her speech about how 'Islamophobia' had 'passed the dinner table test' there were rumours that Oborne had a hand in writing it. This preposterous, fawning article only gives credence to those claims.


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