Sunday, 29 January 2012

One of the problems with the political establishment that dominates the western world is its love of abstraction. Our politicians seem to think that the higher the level of abstraction in their approach to a problem, the greater its moral force. This derives in part from their commitment to the principle of non-discrimination.

One of the most unfortunate examples of this tendency was Bush’s declaration of a “War on Terror” following the attacks of September 11th, 2001. It was ludicrous, of course, to declare war on a tactic. But political correctness wouldn’t allow the real enemy to be named. In reality, it wasn’t a war on terror, but a war on jihadists: a Counterjihad. In tribute to this abstraction, across the world today, we still see jihadists being dealt with under generic terror laws.

But jihad is a unique historical phenomenon that demands a unique set of measures designed to counter it. Consider the history of the 1000+ years campaign of slaughter. Tens of millions, possibly hundreds of millions, have been butchered in pursuit of this ideal; many more have been enslaved as dhimmis, their character and identity gradually eroded and eliminated over time as they converted or fled to escape the onerous conditions of Muslim rule.

More than 1000 years after Muslim armies invaded India (butchering an estimated 50-100 million over the entire course of the conflict), the same set of jihad ideals continue to inspire murder and mayhem around the world today. There is nothing else like this in history. It is a unique phenomenon. And the measures designed to counter it should be correspondingly unique.

Rather than processing jihadists through the justice system under generic terror legislation, we should develop a special set of laws that apply only to jihad. “Participation in Jihad” should be made an offence in its own right – one that comes with a mandatory death penalty attached.

Participation in jihad doesn’t have to mean carrying out or even planning a lethal attack. Any indication that a person even supports the idea of jihad should be sufficient to obtain a conviction. Carrying, owning or displaying the black jihad flag, for example; expressing support for Bin Laden on a web page; sending money to a jihad-linked organisation; distributing jihadist videos; describing suicide bombers as ‘martyrs’.

Anyone convicted of participating in jihad should be executed, their body minced and fed to pigs.

Our governments should just kill every jihad-supporting Muslim they can find. Choudhary and his mob? Arrest, try and execute them all. Qaradwi? If he comes to our country, grab him and execute him. Just kill them all. Be ruthless.

Islam is effectively a declaration of war on the rest of the human race. There is no reason why should play nice with people who have declared war on us. We don’t need to sit around waiting for them to make an overt, aggressive move before we act.

We should send a clear message to the Muslims: if you support the idea of jihad, we’re going to kill you if we can. In the course of time, this brutal approach may allow a less threatening form of Islam to evolve, since everyone who would have opposed it will be dead. We should encourage similar approaches in traditionally Islamic countries. One reason why we’re now “enjoying” the fruits of the Arab Spring is that the dictators weren’t ruthless enough. They didn’t kill enough people. In large part, this is due to the western “human rights” pressure that was applied to them, and not just from NGOs like Amnesty International but from our own misguided governments. Instead, we should have given them carte blanche to kill as many jihadists as they could find, told them we wouldn’t utter a peep of protest and given them as much diplomatic cover as we could.

Measures like these seem too harsh to most people. And that really is the problem. It isn’t the Muslims we’re fighting against. It’s our own weakness; our compassion; our hesitancy; and a misplaced sense of guilt about our history.

Europeans will need to find the steel in their soul if their civilisation is to survive. There is no nice way out of the predicament we're in.


infidelsrise said...


Anonymous said...

You should be elected! 100% True!

Anonymous said...

One reason why we’re now “enjoying” the fruits of the Arab Spring is that the dictators weren’t ruthless enough.

That is why I support Syria. Despite the fact that he is a dictator - he is, in the ME and Islamic context, a relatively benign dictator. If he is toppled, then the MB will come to power. The MB is Syria, will be even more ruthless then elsewhere, as it is in Syria that they were given a drubbing by Assad senior.

Syria is at present one of the very few countries in the ME that is secular. At present, Christians and other minorities are free to practice their faith in freedom and free of fear. Come the MB, then all that will stop. Also, Syrian aggression against Israel will increase.

If the MB take over Syria, then the last refuge of the oldest Christian communities in the world, will vanish.

Dont the idiot political experts in the FO and Stare dept learn anything? Where do they get their experts from - Pakistan and Arabi?

V said...

Very clear and good post about the big problem!
In Sweden, at Lunds University a muslim? scientist is convinced that if muslim men got a good and honest work, the rise of al-qaida had never occur.
It´s like mixed fantasies, not science, about some of the problems vietnam soldiers had, and in line with the swedish view on work, in Sweden you are supposed to work for living, at least if you are Swedish origin.

That´s my thoughts about this.

Anonymous said...

"minced and fed to pigs"

- Objection..! On behalf of the pigs. There must be limits as to what can be fed to the pigs.

- May I suggest fed to the sharks, instead?

Anonymous said...

The War on Jihad, as you put it, is a failure and a quagmire that will not end for generations.

The US should have settled for a punitive bombing in Afghanistan, destroying al-Qaeda camps there and blowing up some Taliban emplacements.

We could and should have called it square and let it go at that.

The neocons in his cabinet dragged him into a war against pretty much anybody who poses a threat to Israel and to us and our forces only because we are Israel's bodyguard.

GW bit off more than anyone can chew, and we are still paying for it.

Jihad is an Israeli problem and a European problem and a problem for Muslim states not yet conquered by Islamism.

But it doesn't have to be an American problem.

Anonymous said...

i agree...its the worst crime to harm little children and women....let us live in a peaceful world without any fear...amen

Anonymous said...

Eight persons shot dead since May 2011

Tuesday's killing is the sixth in two months

All shootings in January 2012, map

Bus under stone attack in Malmö

The bus had to be taken out of traffic on Sunday night "due to broken front window". Traffic on the lines through the area were stopped altogether.

Police could do nothing to look for the stonethrowing youths, as they "didn't have sufficient information to look for them". Bad luck.

Anonymous said...


Qatar to finance mega-mosque near historic site in Sicilia?

It is the art critic/historian Vittorio Sgarbi who proposes to offer a location near historic site in the city of Salemi, for the Qatari emir, Sheik Hamad Ben Kaliffa Al Thani, to finance a grand mosque
which would gather all Arabs under one roof in Sicilia, making Salemi an islamic center , as Sgarbi enthusiastically points out.

Anonymous said...

Bomb towards Malmö police station
Wednesday morning

Material damage. No one was there at the time when the bomb exploded.

This happens only hours after person no 8 was killed by shooting, since May 2011, in Malmö.

Anonymous said...

Good article, our own feeble-mindedness is our
undoing. Islam is Cancer, and as such must be
cut out and TOTALLY DESTROYED. There is NO OTHER

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