Thursday, 12 January 2012

In a feature on the world's Top 10 Muslim halal-friendly travel spots outside the OIC, a website called ArabianBusiness makes some preposterous claims. First of all, it ridiculously inflates the number of Muslims living in Austria.
Approximately 8.4 million Muslims live in Austria, making it home to a number of mosques and other Muslim tourist attractions such as the Vienna Islamic Centre and Turkish Islamic Cultural Center.

In fact, that is the approximate size of the entire Austrian population, so the website is effectively claiming that all Austrians are Muslims!

Vienna is ranked the 10th most halal-friendly holiday spot. Munich is ranked 9th.
German’s capital city was ranked as the world’s most livable city in 2010 so it’s not surprising that more than four million Muslims have chosen to make it their home.

Here, too, the size of the Muslim population is grotesquely exaggerated. Four million is the total number of Muslims living in Germany and they're certainly not all concentrated in Munich. And Munich isn't the capital of Germany.


Anonymous said...

Time to remember the "Austrians" who had come to "pray" in the cathedral of Cordoba at Easter not so long ago.

Guards managed to get them out finally.

V said...

Muslims dont need to check on sources and talk the truth, they just say a word and everyone has to obey, as we all know!

Anonymous said...

Hi; I have done a few debates on the immigration issues facing Canada.

==> youtube ==> Shawn Dalton

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Islam Vs Satan

The religion of Creator of this Universe VS The satanism of the disobedient Creatures of the Creator.

Permessur Aliza said...

Islam is peace !we will bring peace when we'll be ruling Europe!wait and see!!!!!!!

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