Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another European woman finds it's not a good idea to hook up with a Muslim.
Schoch got to know her husband in 2002 while she was working in Turkey as a children's entertainment organiser. "There he was completely normal," she says. "After work we always went to have a drink. Even with clothes, they could never be skimpy enough for him."

They both married and moved to Frauenfeld, where Elias was born in August 2004. One year later Jonas. "Then it started", says Schoch. "He started to pray, didn't wear his gold wedding ring any more, went to the mosque every Friday."

Issam O. demanded that his wife submit to Islamic customs. She refused. "I said to him, 'If you want to go down that path, do it'" But he taught the children to spit at churches, to spit on the Swiss cross." She separated from him. Issam O. received weekly visitation rights.

Her husband Issam O.* (34) constantly threatened to kidnap both children Jonas (6) and Elias (7) and taken them to Tunisia. "I did everything I could to prevent the kidnapping. I filed legal complaints, went to the Guardianship Authority. But they said I was a hysterical wife who wanted to discriminate against the poor foreigners."

Then he acted on the threat.
Eight days after the kidnapping Issam O. sent his wife an email. It contained a precise list of her tasks and an instruction: if she came up with 170,000 Swiss Frances, she could live with him in Tunisia and see the children again.

The boys now live with their grandparents in Jendouba, a small Tunisian town. Janine Schoch was able to visit them once. "They don't speak any German now. I understand their children's Arabic. I can tell them I love them. But I can't speak fluent Arabic." Since then she hasn't seen her children any more.

She filed legal complaints but the Tunisian authorities weren't interested. When her husband made the mistake of travelling to Morocco last year, though, he was apprehended and extradited to Switzerland. There he was charged with kidnapping, attempted extortion and making threats. He got 8 years in prison. But the children are still in Tunisia.

Source: Via: SOS Heimat


Anonymous said...

The bitch deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Will these women who go out with Muslim men never ever learn.

Anonymous said...

They should if they want to hook up with the devil worshipers be forced to move to those lands and stay there for ever.

Anonymous said...

another Tunisian piece of shit

Anonymous said...

Shame.. I have been to Jendoube where the children are living with their grandparents.
Most residents there are peasants and the children will be raised as peasants taught to extort money from tourists in order to buy
food for the family. Switzerland on the other hand is a wonderful country and the children would have had a bright future there.

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