Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This procession took place in Malmo on 14 January to commemorate "Imam Hussein", Mohammed's grandson. He is revered in the Shia tradition of Islam so these will be Shias only. Imagine what a procession of all Malmo Muslims might have looked like!

Note the number of prams in the women-only parts of the procession.

Source: PI


V said...

It´s very strange that muslims can celebrate everything in public in Sweden, funerals are blocking roads with loads of muslims. I am fed up with muslims and all their show-off of their hateful so called religion and their hateful cultur. They can bury people calmy, not showing the city some muslim is dead. And people are defending them in articles; poor muslima, she had lost her son and he was an unemployed, marginalized young man, he was hated and segregated because of the hateful Swedish people. Swedes don´t like him, therefore his coffins must me carried an all streets so we really see this poor muslim kids!

Today I found news from our Swedish Government. One muslim is selected to give ethical advices when it comes to migration:

"New members to the Immigration Service Ethics

The Government has today appointed Peter Örn, Peter Althin, Mohammad Fazlhashemi, Ann Heberlein, Rebecca Stern and Martin Ådahl be included as members of the Immigration Service Ethics.

In selecting members, the government has attached great importance to creating a council with a broad mix of different experiences and knowledge.

The appointment is valid from February 1, 2012 until further notice, but only until 31 jan 2014th The Council has the task of following a request by the Immigration Service Director to speak on matters relating to the design of the Authority's activities and that may require ethical considerations."

(Google Translated, sorry! )

This man, Mohammad Fazlhashemi, is really promoting islam in Sweden, and even if he talks a bit about muslim womens liberation, he is a muslim that think islam is a good religion and he loves the koran. He also thinks that islam has better view of the life after death, you can have sex in the islamic paradise. Christians have no promises of sex in heaven, he thinks this is boring and Christians deny themselves happines.

Yes, we all know that muslim, at least men, are more happier in paradise. But let us have sex and love our children and families. We should not be forced to handle the muslim hate everywhere, and view on Swedish women as whores because we go outside without veils, rags and in normal outfits. And without a father and brother looking after us. But I can understand why muslim look after their women, they know that muslim men are scum and have the right to do whatever they want with women. So they must protect their own honor, because a raped women is nothing worth in a muslim country.

Plz, muslims, go home and live well with our own kind and hate each other and kill and rape in your own normal habitat! You don't belong in human environment!

( A very little more about this man:

Permessur Aliza said...

It is the Muslim heritage,culture,civilisation,science.......that brought light to your darkened Europe!!!!Muslims were doing surgery when your likes were living like savages.Muslims were talking of rhyme and rhythm when Europe was clouded with analbhabetism.................Muslims civilised the world!

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