Friday, 20 January 2012

Proposed site of Muslim-only shopping centre in Germany - note the black jihad flag in the window

There are plans to build a Muslim-only shopping centre in the Harburg district of Hamburg. The initiative is being promoted by Muslims who run a mail-order business selling burkas. Their advert reads:
“Islamic companies sought to move with us into a large Islamic centre. There is room enough for offices, shops, catering, chemists, etc.

...Only Muslims!!!!

...Don't delay in helping the Dawa make progress in Germany!"
Source: PI


Anonymous said...

There is still time fellow Europeans - throw a bomb in!

Mullah Lodabullah said...

All animals are equal, but ...

Anonymous said...

All animals are equal, but ...

Pigs are more equal then others.

Anonymous said...

They should just build their shopping center in Saudi Arabia then. That way it will be 'Muslims Only' just as they like.

Anonymous said...

but then too u stinking people from west will come and buggers

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