Tuesday, 17 January 2012

These figures were recently published in the Bild newspaper. They show astounding levels of Muslim benefits dependency in Germany.

The columns are:

First - Nationality (the country names are similar enough to the English names to be understandable)
Second - Number of people from that country in Germany
Third - Number of those people receiving long-term unemployment benefit (this is called the HARTZ IV system in Germany)
Last column - overall percentage of immigrants from that country dependent on benefits

As you can see, our Muslim friends are the star performers in the benefit charts. To them there is no shame in it. It is just jizya rightfully paid to them by the infidel.

Source: Bild


Anonymous said...

A real "shocker", bunch of thieves and cut-throats, why wouldn't they be on well fare?

Just say some bs and get to steal money in a simple fashion from retarded public "servants".

islam - cutthroat robber religion from the get go:

Anonymous said...

Liberals will not be satisfied until they have given this country to the barbarians.

The Mufa'khathat Lover said...

Praise be the Jizzya extracted by Muslims upon the kuffar.

Be thankful it is only money at this point.

Anonymous said...

In America we have a saying that you will not hear on the evening news - A people's freedom is in direct proportion to their willingness to fight and bleed for it. The Germans (and most of the western world) has lost its spine. This will continue until the people rise up (in violent protest) and put a stop to it. The elites will keep working toward their idea of "utopia" even while it is blowing up in their faces.

Anonymous said...

With so many teaching and preaching thier virtues ! Would'nt it be nice for the muslims to build some beautiful Cathedrals in Mecca and Medina to show their appreciation of all Gods Children ! He is not sleeping ;-)

Anonymous said...

We have 600.000 hunting rifles in Wisconsin alone and we're not giving them up to some ragheads. You'll have to take them from us bitches...

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