Thursday, 5 January 2012

Marine Le Pen today said that she was still far from getting the 500 sponsorships necessary to stand as a presidential candidate in France, though she refused to disclose an exact figure until February. In France, any prospective presidential candidate must be sponsored by at least 500 mayors. The Front National claim that the main Socialist and UMP parties have issued instructions to their mayors not not sponsor anyone from outside their respective parties. If Marine Le Pen cannot get more signatures, she will not be able to stand.
"If I could not compete in the presidential election, it's clear that we would no longer be in a democracy (and) the president elected would be totally illegimate. You can imagine the incalculable consequences an event as serious as this would have and the European and global consequences on the values that France has been the bearer of for centuries," she added. As a result, according to Marine Le Pen, France has no "lessons in democracy" to give, neither to Hungary nor Russia.
Source: France24


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