Thursday, 5 January 2012

Trenitalia launched the campaign to announce that from now on its high-speed Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) intercity trains will have four classes instead of the traditional two: Executive, Business, Premium and Standard.

The online campaign showed a white businessman in a smart suit showing a presentation to two white colleagues in an Executive carriage.

The new Business class was illustrated with an image of plush but empty upholstered seats, while Premium featured a white rail employee offering drinks to two middle-class white passengers.

The ad for Standard, the cheapest of the four classes, featured a smiling Asian couple and their daughter.
Source: Telegraph


Anonymous said...

Touchy little twerps aren't they!

To me it just looks like a family enjoying themselves. I'll bet the advertising executive put in "Asians" for no other reason than being inclusive. Why can the PC brigade not see that promoting black families is a good thing?

I guess my problem is I'm white and therefore RAAACISSTT

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