Sunday, 22 January 2012

Invaders in Paris occupying the town hall to protest about 'poor housing'


Invaders in Munich going on hunger strike to demand cash instead of food packages

Source: PI

Invaders in Barcelona demanding the right to claim benefits in Spain while living in their North African homelands!

Sources: Alerta Digital

The Catalan government recently withdrew benefits from 4,500 North Africans who went back to live in North Africa while still receiving money from the Spanish taxpayer. A recently-introduced reform requires them to show their passports when claiming benefits so the staff can see whether they've been abroad without notifying the welfare authorities. That's what these savages are complaining about!

All of these incidents took place in the last few days. It's not like I had to scour the historical record to find examples.

Where does this astounding sense of entitlement come from? From Islam. Muslims believe all wealth and all land originally belonged to Allah so when they take it from us they are really just repossessing it on behalf of Allah.


Anonymous said...

Thieves, all of them thieves.

Anonymous said...

atleast we dont kill and steal petrol

Anonymous said...

The Serbian empire will rise again!!!!!!

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