Thursday, 12 January 2012



Chrysostomos said...

I guess having all those children makes them *very* loose?

Cranky White Woman said...

Looks like a mother, father and child out for a nice family day. Jeeze! How despicable that they're teaching their child to be a thief. Clearly, the woman is wearing a "booster" under her skirt, and there's no telling what else she managed to boost.

Anonymous said...

when they come to our countries they know nothing else but to lye steal and cheat dont ever turn your back to a muslim they will rob you blind and then blame you. In canada they own every corner store and every taxi...Count your change!!! i learned the hard way, i since count it very well and have noticed that it happens more then i ever thought, ive boycotted a few stores because of this.

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