Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The reforms introduced in Hungary, although troubling in some respects, contain some elements that represent a bold challenge to elite ideology. In particular, official recognition of Islam as a religion has been rescinded; the country's Christian heritage is explicitly affirmed; and the Hungarian government has unabashedly recognised ethnicity as being a determining factor in the assignment of political rights. Ethnic Hungarians living outside Hungary will now have political representation.
Lawmakers also adopted new rules that will allow parliament to approve laws in as little as a day and without substantive debate.

They also passed a law on religion that radically lowers the number of state-supported faiths to 14 from more than 300.

Religions to receive official recognition include the Catholic, Reformed, Evangelical and Orthodox Churches as well as Judaism.

Those excluded, such as all Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu congregations, will be able to apply for recognition if they have been operating for at least 20 years in Hungary.

Protests against the reforms in Hungary

The system is now trying to break this challenge to its authority. Even an opponent of Orban admits the EU had imposed impossible conditions with the goal of forcing his government to resign.
There is little doubt that the European Commission and the IMF have deliberately imposed conditions that are impossible for the Hungarian government to meet, the likely purpose of which is to pressure Viktor Orban to resign. That probably explains why the EU-IMF delegation broke off negotiations.

At the same time, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Thomas O. Melia has restated his concerns about the regression of the “citizens’ democracy” in Hungary towards an authoritarian, dictatorial state; Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Human Rights within the EU, has strongly criticised the Hungarian government's continued violations of the principles of a free and constitutional democracy; these remarks follow strong criticism from the European Parliament, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the Venice Commission (and even the Secretary General of the UN).

Ironically, Orban is a graduate of a George Soros brainwashing programme.
He was also a member of the Central-Eastern Europe study group, a programme financed by the Soros Foundation, and went on to study the history of British liberal political philosophy at Oxford University.


Anonymous said...

Hail Hungary! At last somebody has woken up – Godspeed to the Magyar people may we all learn from their wisdom. Stand firm and keep faith in your nation – all Europe is watching.

Henffych Hwngari wen! Bendithion Duw ar eich menter newydd – bydd Ewrop gyfan yn gwylio ac yn gweddïo drosoch. Cadwch ffydd yn eich cenedl ac anwybyddwch y bradwyr o Frwsel.

Anonymous said...

One way to really annoy the EU is to propose a referendum on the above issues. The EU hates, in fact is allergic to ant democratic vote such a referendum. The very idea that people should be able to decide their future is anathema to the Marxist bunch of EU officials -all of them should be sent to the Gulag, which they are so fond off.

Gabor said...

Follow news from Hungary and help us bring back democracy to Hungary. Join Facebook community - United for Democracy in Hungary.

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